One of the things to do was to get rid of debt. Six years ago we lived in a starter flat that was almost paid off - and a hallucinating mad neighbour terrorized us into moving and buying this wonderful apartment. I'm happy here, but I realize better than before that we've got a rather big debt that cannot be paid off in a few years. O well, it cannot be helped.

Shopping is more expensive now, as I'm trying to build up a food stock. But it's also a training; we expect necessary things to become much more expensive - better get used to it sooner than later.

I've done some isolation today; in winter a lot of heat disappears through the front door and isolation tape doesn't help. Now there's a heavy curtain I can draw shut when the door is closed and no cold comes in this way. And I'm hunting for the next cold spot...

This week I harvested the herbs from my roof garden and found a good way to keep them. Did some thinking and reading on vegetable city gardens when my friend phoned that she had some leftover seeds for me. When she came she brought a lot of things: garden gloves, a interesting looking hanging thing to grow tomatoes in, and a box of seeds, markers - all just what I can use! Thanks again, Urs!

On TV a series on Doom Preppers - perhaps I belong in that category, but what the hell, I just try to live in a sensible way. And there are always nutcases in your category, whatever you do to make the division. I could go back to my own one person category labelled Chris - that's a good idea, and there at least I'm the only nutcase. ;-D

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