Crazy, online relationship break-up adult-themed?revenge site converts to instead~

Countless church pastors/clergy etc.. w/the abuse of children (throw in straight psycho drug abusing or Koreshed out freaks) and now this kind of social? netowrk site?!? whoa...

'Burned out'

The domain now redirects to a page on featuring Mr Moore's announcement and a statement from Bullyville's Mr McGibney.

"There are millions of women and men who are thankful that is no longer online," Mr McGibney wrote.

"Lawyers and massive companies have tried unsuccessfully to remove it from the internet. Bullyville was able to work with Hunter to get this done."

Mr Moore blamed the "drama" of receiving submitted content involving under-age subjects as one of the key reasons for wanting to close down the site.

He said: "The site was a blessing for me and still is, but I am burned out and I honestly can't take another under-age kid getting submitted and having to go through the process of reporting it and dealing with all the legal drama of that situation."

Mr Moore announced a new project named We Party For A Cause, a site which organises events to raise money for various charities.

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