Creationists demand that evolutionary science be subject to the most rigorous scientific tests. I would like to offer the following challenges to creation scientists. Conduct these experiments according to the scientific method i.e every step and observation/result must be recorded and must be repeatable:

1. Construct a room that is entirely enclosed so that it is perfectly dark. Without using any tools or instruments, create light.

2. Take a region of empty space. Using only the materials that are to hand, construct and populate with millions of named plants and animals. The results must be available for full use within three days.

3.  Take a pile of dust. From this dust, create a living human male.

4. Find a human male's rib bone. From this rib bone, spontaneously construct a living human female.

Supplementary experiments:

5. Find a snake. Have a rational conversation with it.

6. Allow yourself to be swallowed by a large sea dwelling animal. Spend three full days living in its stomach.

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