Creationism Debunked by Science and Reason

This text was initially prepared under the title "An Atheist Critique of Pandeism" for inclusion in Pandeism: An Anthology, (John Hunt Publishing, 2016).  The critique applies equally to creationism in general.

It will also be published as a free mini-ebook (4800 words) available at Amazon and other online booksellers.  Announcement of publication will be made by the Reason Revolution on Twitter

Science authors and other experts are asked to send pre-publication reviews to
atheism {at}


Pandeism posits a creator-deity that became the universe itself upon its creation.  As such, it is perhaps the most elemental creationist theology, sidestepping anti-evolution, "intelligent design,"  and other post-creation arguments favoring religion.

In debunking pandeism by means of recent findings in cosmology and astrophysics, this reader-friendly article for the intellectually curious non-scientist also effectively debunks all forms of theistic creationism.

In doing so, it convincingly exposes the false premise of supernaturalism, regardless of which religion is its partner in delusion.

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