Creationist Says Science Relies to Heavily on Faith

Ray Comfort is a creationist. You may remember him from the Crocoduck video I posted last weekend. Ray has a blog called (for some reason, I don’t quite get it) “Atheist Central”. Today Ray posted attacking evolution, and the so-called “pope of evolution”, The New Atheist favourite (that’s for you, my Commonwealth friends) Richard Dawkins. The article is full of glaring hypocrisies, I almost didn’t want to post about it, as it’s just too much. More.

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Comment by Angie Jackson on May 2, 2009 at 9:48am
*facepalm* Ray Comfort makes me want to evolve claws like Wolverine, just so I can scratch his eyes out.

A common theist attack is to claim atheism is a religion, that science relies on blind faith, and that evolution is "just a theory". They're trying to turn all the reasons against religious faith/god belief into reasons to doubt factual scientific evidence. It doesn't convert ANYONE. It is literally "preaching to the choir" and incredibly obvious to boot. I went from creationist theist, to evolutionary theist, before becoming an atheist. I think that's why they're so worried, that once christians accept science, they'll realize the whole bible is a crock of shit.

And they are right to fear. After all, tithe adds up quickly and soon they'll lose their revenue.

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