Creationists: Why do you hate your god's work?

This is directed at our friends on the "otherside".

Source: Reality Is My Religion

The Bible contradicts reality. It says that things happened when they didn’t really happen. It also claims things didn’t happen when they did. This isn’t mere opinion, this is demonstrable. And among that, it contradicts itself with the details anyway. So when the Bible makes a claim that contradicts reality, we have to decide what we want to believe… Reality or Scripture. One of the many examples is biological evolution. We observe evolution taking place in the wild and in the lab. Every line of evidence points to the conclusion that we are evolving. No evidence indicates otherwise. Scripture is the only thing denying this observable and demonstrable scientific fact.

Creationists, you have chosen scripture. I have chosen reality. I don’t believe god exists but if he/she does, I’m basically worshipping this god and you aren’t. Do you see that? The Bible may be divinely inspired or it may not, but it doesn’t matter. Either way, it’s still a book written by men. The Bible is not infallible. If it was, then it wouldn’t contradict itself. Humans were involved in writing it, even if you are sure that god did directly inspire it. There is room for human error. Your scripture may be wrong, at least in parts, and surely you can accept this.

But reality, it wasn’t written, it wasn’t typed. Existence wasn’t passed word-of-mouth to be written down. According to your belief, reality is the undiluted creation of your god. The one thing that is pure. Your god didn’t actually write the Bible, but he literally created reality (according to your belief).

So when the Bible contradicts reality, and you side with the Bible, you are choosing Man over God. Rather than enjoying, accepting and understanding your god's wonderful creation, you choose to believe a man-made book instead. It’s Man Vs God and you are against your God. The funny part is that scientists, wary of the knowledge passed on by the cattle-sacrificing primitives, are actually the ones really worshipping your god's creation. We admire it, we study it, we want to know all about it. You actually claim that your god's single purest creation is wrong because a man-made book told you so.

When we study the world and find that your primitive scripture is incorrect, we are almost siding with your god if he exists. We’re appreciating his creation and not attacking it. You are attacking the very details of your god's own creation simply because you’ve been convinced that a book is more valid than your creator's own reality. Why reject all of creation itself and only accept a self-contradicting, often incorrect, man-made scripture? If god created the entire universe billions of years ago rather than thousands of years ago, and in such a way that allowed natural phenomena such as evolution to occur by a blind process, why reject these parts of your god's creation in favour of a book written by primitive men who thought insects had four legs and that bats were birds? Creationists, will your god forgive you for rejecting his own creation?

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