So lately I have been reading an interesting book about how each and every person on this planet has a unique story and something to contribute how does everyone feel about this?  The name of the book is "the Art of Original Thinking" by Jan Phillips.  But more to the point how does everyone feel about my question?  Do you think that we are all an interconnected part of the world and that all of us individually have a part in creating not only our own stories but sharing them with others and through this making the world a better place?  I am asking because like any good book with new information it is making me reconsider some of my previously held convictions and beliefs in a new light.  

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Comment by George on November 27, 2011 at 2:13am

The book certainly looks interesting.  Found her web page:


Regarding  your question, I'm fascinated by the idea that everyone on the planet has a story to tell, and that there are probably many out there that are worth hearing.  

To an extent, investigative journalists help with this - retelling people's stories for them - but it would be interesting if more people, (I happen to be thinking of the third world, but wherever) were given tools to effectively tell their own narratives.



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