Creep steps to me and my family in front of Salvation Army store. Same day two more happenings!

Ever heard the phrase, comes in 3's, try 4's w/Arizona and all... ready? Here goes.


Today we, my daughter, her mother and I were minding our own business, walking from Salvation Army's parking lot on the way towards the 711. I decided not to walk in front of the old 80's/70's boxy car with 2.5" creepy wooden crucifix hanging from the rearview at the parking lot stop sign, right in front of the store, (store that talks about the lord all the time on the radio as you shop) did not see the guy driving. As we walked the side walk to avoid that sight, I put my board down and made my way down the sidewalk with my kid in my arms, as we dismounted the skateboard and walked upon the grass the sprinklers kicked on not wetting us though. Little did I know that the sound or action I took upset this man. I had no clue, I was in a rush since the sprinklers were kicking (in the grass, close but not getting drentched!) and heard a car come up 20 feet back and car door slam, figured someone's in rush to get to the SA store... thought nothing of it, but knew it was strange so I got to stepping to cross street. Sure enough this guy comes down the grass with a not-so-making-sense-look on his face and the gate of his walk was totally get-the-f-outta my way style; more like I mean business? "I wanna talk to you!..". I thought he may have worked there and we were on SA property

! what? Me holding daughter, skateboard and mommy wondering at this point; Think I said, "I don't know you pal, get to steppn'"?

He rambled on about calling the cops on me, skateboard sumthing sumthing...

honestly at first I laughed, like, you kidding? An adult with cross in rearview becoming childish to a kid at heart kind of guy that I am... sheesh.


problem, the guy was taller, heavier and bright-blue-eyed, fat face, and came outta nowhere...


made it to the concrete island and got the lane of traffic in between us.

"hey, I'd blah blah, you're... father, I heard the way that skateboard went down... baby sumthin.. "


so as my back followed my mind and turned to dip from this wackjob I went to the 711 and heard mommy say in the background "f you, get the f away from us!" can I get a wught wugth f yeah!


thought to myself this guy wants war or something, f'd up preacher after my kid?. forget it. maybe he was post-war fubar, noise set him off, maybe pedo, maybe don't wanna know.

~ what a fkn' day it's been:

I saw a dead body in the road tonight too under the yellow tarp from road collision w/large white SUV? not sure about that one freaky thought. btw that's University Drive, Griffn/Stirling rd.. 411fyi.

Also an accident, fresh w/no emergency folks compelled mom's to run out in traffic and check on the lady... all within walking distance of eachother! Welcome to the county gone city!


fear does not compute so much to me... listening to your instinct does.

tomorrow seize the day again. perhaps w/mace, stun gun? shiiiiit, to win without fighting is best.

who wants a broken finger or wrist anyhow?


take care fellow freethinkers, and urban trekkers for that matter, especially in overrun with mental pillpopper s.florida! thanks for nothing deregulatorville pushers!



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Comment by Chris on February 9, 2011 at 10:40pm

 Remember it's The Salvation Army.

Find another thrift store like The Good Will.
Comment by Jim DePaulo on January 14, 2011 at 4:00pm
You did right - get your and your kid's ass outa there, post haste. If they act like lunatics there is a good chance they are.
Comment by AgeOfAtheists14 on January 14, 2011 at 12:16am
sidewalk was dry alright? dry like the drunks that inhabit that lord-foresaken foreskin free thrifty store! ha, who does not dump stuff there? but fer fux sake, you don't step to parents unless there's blood or closed fists on a kid, sheesh. then again if I caught some parents ridiculing their kid(s) in the name of the lord or something to that effect I'd, feel bad and realize those parents would pay the price when their older by the adult, tortured kids. oh yeah I go there sometimes, social pattern mish mash talk that is. cya
Comment by AgeOfAtheists14 on January 14, 2011 at 12:11am

ha, no, it was nothing x gamish or dangerous... the grass had little drops on it, spray

sidewalk was under my control


the guy, was outta control and did I mention the premonition I had?



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