Critical analysis of Iona Miller's thesis on "How does the Brain Create God"

A new discipline referred to as 'neurophilosophy' has been promoted by evolutionists like A.C. Grayling - also by geneticists and neuroscientists. Their serious and fully scientifically-oriented discipline attempts to interpret the results of neurology in terms of human experience and ideologies. It is specifically NOT related to the hybrid science-mysticism of 'neurotheology' as promoted by IonaMiller, which is examined critically from a philosophical aspect in the following:-

1) Iona Miller article "How the Brain Creates God" suggests that God is entirely brain-created, but that misleads as to her main purpose, to instate the religious impulse and mystical experience (of God, unity, whatever...) as fundamental to the human brain. Read
on here

2) The schism between 'outer' and 'inner', mind and its objects, the brain and the mind (an underlying Cartesian dualism inflect Miller's language and thought) Read
on here

3) The irreconcilable positions of dualism and monism (to both of which Miller appeals) Read on here

4) The extra-scientific influence of Jungian thought (who claimed he knew God exists
and misled a generation of psycho-analysts) Read
on here

5) Denial of living reality, all is illusion - Miller reveals her basic agenda, that of non-dualism (as in advaita, zen, diverse mysticism) Read
on here

For further discussion on related issues - belief, faith, agnosticism, atheism,

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