This October an author, familiar to those who were “of age” during the drug haze called the 60’s, Robert Crumb, will have his new illustrated book, Robert Crumb's Book of Genesis, on the bookshelves. Those familiar with Crumb’s cartoon humor and sideways view of society’s icons and norms, can anticipate with glee how he will treat the Book of Genesis. Needless to say that Crumb is an Atheist.
Subversive US cartoonist Robert Crumb, whose take on the Bible is about to be released worldwide, says people are "totally nuts" for taking the book so seriously for so long.
"I grew to hate the Bible," he told a press conference for the international launch of "Robert Crumb's Book of Genesis", which he called a "gruelling" four year project. The book hits bookshelves in late October in Europe, Brazil and the United States.
"The idea of millions of people taking this so seriously is totally nuts," he added. "The Bible doesn't need to be satirised. It's already so crazy."
Crumb's 220-page epic take on the Book of Genesis painstakingly mirrors every twist and turn, from God's Creation of the world through the meanderings of Noah's Ark and the adventures of Jacob of the "coat of many colours".
Crumb says his purpose is, "to illuminate the text of Genesis by illustrating every single thing that's in there."

This ought to be the best thing since icing on communion wafers.

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Comment by Creature on September 29, 2009 at 3:19pm
Thsi might be a good tool for creeping visiting kids out of the bible.....especially if we have a muscle-bound Eve piggy backing scrawny little Adam around the Garden of Eden.
Comment by Perragrande on September 28, 2009 at 7:56pm
I saw the first chapter of it in The New Yorker (my favorite magazine, BTW). He does it totally straight. Yawn........
Comment by JayBarti on September 28, 2009 at 6:56pm
Looks like another Crumb book, worth adding to the self.



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