This guy has been around for a while.
But he just came up on my “radar.” I guess because I’m not a sports fan that’s the reason I’ve never heard of the kid.
Okay so this kid plays football. He plays currently on the college level. Like I said, I’m not a sports fan.
So it came to my attention a few weeks ago that this kids, is well, a “bible thumper” in pads.
On his cheeks where you place the black paint to reduce glare (how much light is needed to produce glare off your cheeks?) he paints some reference in the bible.
Now, he doesn’t have much space to paint this stuff on. I assume he has someone write it on there for him. I mean, he’d have to know how to write backwards if he looked in the mirror to write it.
Well how he came to my attention was a sports comment I saw on line. They said that the announcers seems to cut this kid a lot of slack when he screws up. The reason they assumed was that he had those biblical references printed on his cheeks.
Personally, I think it’s a really childish thing to do. BUT…and you have to remember this, I’M A GOD DAMN ATHEIST.
To me, if I was playing on the opposing team, I’d make it a point to target this guy and take him out of the game.
But that’s just me.
So when I saw this online I just had to share it with you.
Seems “Bible Boy” has a “sensitive” side to him.
In other words, he cries. He cries especially if he screws up. I’m surprised he just doesn’t come out when he does that and say, “I want to be held….boo hooo hooo…”
American football is such a manly sport… well, use to be….

Can…can I get a hug here?…..

Here’s the article and the clip.

The Crying Game: Tim Tebow and the 10 Biggest Crybabies in Sports
Tebow might get the record for the longest cry in sports.

While the game was still going you could see him on the bench in tears, and a teammate gingerly held his head in support.

But then on the field after the game, Tebow was still visibly crying as the sideline reporter asked him the stupid non-question of "How disappointing is this for you?"

Suck it up Tim. If you cry when you win it's a little more understandable, but when you lose you just seem like a crybaby.

So what’s your opinion on this? Unless you need to be held first…..

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Comment by Rick on December 14, 2009 at 1:00am
Don, on what you posted, I almost fell like throwing out my collection of Playboys, Penthouses, Gent and a few other magazines....


Comment by Rick on December 13, 2009 at 6:06pm
As for "wholesome."
To be honest, I just don't like the sound of the word.
Maybe it's from having worked in promotions.
But I just don't like the sound of it.
It makes me think of the 1950's show, "Ozzie and Harriet." Or "Leave it to Beaver."
Of course we all know the dirties line ever said on TV was from Leave it to Beaver.
When Joan said to Ward,
"Gee Ward, weren't you a little hard on the Beaver last night?..."
Comment by Rick on December 13, 2009 at 6:03pm
Damn Don (No pun intended or damnation for that matter) you were on a roll there. COOL!
I've always enjoyed the postings on this and similar sites cause, well to me, they are more "learned?" More "thinking?"

And Glenn, that's or that information about soccer. Piety we don't apply that to American Football and such.

As for humility, why don't they say what should be said, "It was a team effort. We did it. I couldn't have done this alone." To me, that carries a hell of a lot more weight then crossing one's self, or taking a knee and looking like they are praying.

I guess having spent most of my life in the bible belt I've seen too many petty theatrics by Preachers and their followers.
Comment by Glenn Sogge on December 13, 2009 at 3:16pm
Somebody asked about soccer... There are the gestures (crossing oneself, touch the ground then kissing hand, etc.) but you won't see slogans because the rules don't allow them. Not part of the uniform. Would be seen as unsporting. In fact, you know those celebrations where the player scores a goal and takes off his/her shirt and runs around? Well, they usually don't show you that the player receives a Yellow Card for that. And if that happened to be the players second yellow card of the game, they would be out and their team have to play a player down for the rest of the game. Same thing with lifting the shirt to reveal any kind of slogan. Technically, body painting such as that under discussion is seen as adornment, therefore jewellry for the purposes of the Law and not allowed.
Comment by Emekan A'dem on December 13, 2009 at 1:58pm
By that logic, the two guys who blew the tackle at the 10-yard line have to wonder why god doesn't like them.

Yeeeees. EXACTLY. But more likely than not - I'm sure you've heard this, too - "God intended for me to was his will." To which I ask "Why the bloody hell did you ask to win in the first place, if god was gonna do whatever he wanted with you anyway?" Pointless. I think that it is a sickness to operate in such a cycle of (poor) logic: If I win, God is with me. If I lose, it's in God's plan anyway, but when I do something brilliant I HAVE to give him credit because without him, I am nothing and I wouldn't be able to do such amazing things like touchdowns."

By their own logic, they're thanking an invisible deity for being a pawn in the Great Chessboard of Life, without seeing that they're pawns.

And I've seen the crosses on tennis players, but I had forgotten about them once I started paying attention to Nadal. Hmmm.
Comment by Rick on December 13, 2009 at 1:44pm
You have made some good points there Don.
With me, as you mentioned, being an atheist since age 6, I have personally dealt with a lot of anger directed at me.
And you're right, if I had done the "There is no God" on my cheeks, I'd been singled out.
I mean FOX would have a field day with me.
Those who donate to the school would pull their money out so fast it'd be a blur.
The school administration and coaching staff would just jump on me.
And the sports commentators would just trash me to no end.
And the chances if I was good enough to play Pro?
They'd be gone.
My team mates would shy away from me.
If I was the quarterback, I'd be sacked in the first play. The defensive line would just let them through.
And you know they would.
The crowds in the bleachers would cheer my being injured. Not only by the opposing team and school, but by my school and team as well.
Oh yes Don, they would. They would. And gloat about it.
As for the "Pray in one hand..."
I've always thought it was just foolish that at sporting events you'll have both teams pray before the game, to God to help them win.
Now, come on. The reality is, only one team can win.
But they both turn to "God?"
If there was a "GOD" wouldn't it be only fair to let the game end in a tie?
After the game, does a reporter go up to the loosing side and ask,
"Why did God let you loose? Are you sinners?" Or, "What did you do to offend God that cost you the game?"
Why don't they ask Tebow that question?
As for being "Wholesome" Don, just what does that mean?
And I'm not trying to pick a fight here, but just what do we mean when we say that? It is a marketing tool? Like milk is wholesome. Or TV is not as wholesome as it use to be.
As an atheist, can I be wholesome?
I've never attempted to hurt anyone.
I've never tried to take the food out of anyone's mouth.
I've never threatened to hurt or kill anyone's child.
I've never tried to take anyone's Constitutional Rights away.
And these were people who were very very open about being "Christians."

As I said Don, I'm not trying to pick a fight. The reason I'm saying that is when posting on the net it's easy to interpret differently then when talking to someone directly. You can't see if they are smiling or wearing a frown.

It's just that it seems that you if you're an atheist, you're not good. You cannot be a good person. You're lower then whale sh*t on the ocean floor. And I see few people sticking up for atheists.

And as for football, it's just a game. Plain and simple. It is entertainment. Professional sports teams, their owners and players get treated like royalty sometimes.

I just feel this way.
They guys honestly doesn't have a thing to cry about.
No one died. No one lost their home. The world didn't end. The sun will come up again in the morning. People will go to work.
It's a game. Plain and simple, it's still and always will be a game.
As games go, unless it's a tie, one side is going to loose.

Be a man and deal with it.
Comment by Emekan A'dem on December 13, 2009 at 1:17pm
When it comes to civil rights, atheists are now in about the same place as black were in the 1950s. We need to get organized and start singing "We shall overcome".

Atheists haven't been attacked with fire hoses and police dogs yet. And like everyone else, I'm secretly wondering how long an atheist player would have lasted in the game with pro-atheist messages on HIS face. However, American sports and religion ARE hard to pull apart these days. I've heard Baptist preachers, mid-sermon, perform prayers for football and basketball teams. Quite a few baseball players at my secondary school were explicit in their religious involvement. And I'm sure a few people have heard about how that one college football team got baptised...

Why don't we hear about things like this with tennis, golf, cricket and the other football (soccer)?
Comment by Rick on December 13, 2009 at 12:44pm
I didn't know about the stickers...Thanks William.

So, does the adage, "Pray in one hand and piss in the other and see which one fills up first..." apply here?
Comment by Rusty Gunn. on December 13, 2009 at 11:01am
The Crimson Tide was really tickled pink to snatch the bowl bid from Florida but the icing on the cake was having Tim Tebow crying on national television!!
Comment by James Smith on December 13, 2009 at 8:45am
What's really disgusting is the intolerance that would be shown if someone showed up with atheist messages on those stickers. When it comes to civil rights, atheists are now in about the same place as black were in the 1950s. We need to get organized and start singing "We shall overcome".

Those stickers don't really do anything but make the players feel more macho" anyway. Kind of interesting that people in such a "manly" sport are so lacking in self-confidence that they need something this silly to boost their egos.

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