I'm stopping over in Cuba before heading to the Panama canal to see what Americans have been missing. So far I have enjoyed my stay and love these people. They remind me of the pioneering immigrants of the yesteryear Americans, live on little but not afraid to make a new life without any outside help. The people hear are absolutely amazing. I am glad I stopped over for a short time.

I am off in the morning to Panama for a few days before sailing the canal so I can get to Ecuador to see friends. When I've had time to catch up and see the sights I am on way back of the eastern seaboard to Brazil before heading off into the vast ocean. Depending on what my friend has to say I may well take up residence there for good. I love the hot humid tropical air and not having to wear so many clothes...wink, wink...nudge, nudge...say no more.

On a positive note their are from what I have been told there are a great number of atheists here who network and meet on a regular basis and really want other atheists to come speak at universities. Perhaps the Bid "D" might accept an invitation. I know Americans are forbidden to travel here except via lots and lots of anal kissing via the creepy nasty state department. You can always contact Michael Moore and schedule a trip.

The sad thing is they know more about Americans and the rest of the world than we know about them. Did you know they grow all of their own food and that most are vegans or vegetarians? I did not know this until I had dinner with a few natives. We live in a world full of wonders and are denied due to greedy corrupt politicians basing their opinions on any given religion as if those foul sewer rats know what is good for humanity. I am all for mandatory I.Q. tests for every politician world wide. Think of the lives this would save and the money.

I will write more after my trip to Panama in a couple of weeks. I estimate depending on weather around 6-8 weeks before reaching Ecuador . My expensive sat phone with guaranteed global service including Internet is just about worthless.

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