humans are creatures of habit there is no doubt about that but how long does it take to break a habit? and what is the process? some people stay in the same rut there whole lives while outers break free of there mundane lives and do great and wonderful things. i believe in taking risk trying new things and making mistakes its how you grow and its how you get a better life. i do not want to die in the same town in which i was born the need to travel is great to develop new positive habits. so what is that one moment in which someone decides to go for it all? what is the breaking point and where does the inner strength come from?

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Comment by Derek Murphy on April 26, 2011 at 1:08am

It's difficult to make small changes because you're in one system, with the same social values, judgments, relationships, and opportunities. The best way is a complete break - get out. Sell everything you have and move to a foreign country. There are endless opportunities, the cost of living is much cheaper. You could 'couch surf' for a year without doing much of anything, or easily find a job teaching English.


Comment by S Davenport on April 25, 2011 at 9:37pm
I always said that when my young one was grown I was gonna ride the rails boxcar Willie style. Now that day has come and I am too old, tired and out of shape to try and run behind a train and jump on a boxcar. My knees hurt every time the earth rotates and my eyes are a bit too fuzzy to be leaping onto moving trains or trying to gauge when the train is going slow enough too jump out. The penalty for riding the rails probably involves jail time and fines, that would mean probation and all that other crap. While tripping on acid my buddies decided to jump on a train car and see how far they could go, they went to Pueblo which is about 60 miles away. They weren't able to jump off because the train didn't slow down enough for miles. When they finally jumped off and regrouped they walked to a farm house;  being covered in soot, they had jumped in a coal car, the farmer almost shot them. I could give you a hundred reasons why I wont go do it, but the second I am ready to leave it all behind and go be a hobo (hobo new skool, I would take my AtM card and my sleeping bag, and some clothes in a back pack, times have changed and I can't go too long without a shower) I will know it.

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