French Senate Passes Full Veil Ban
Full Muslim veils will soon be illegal in France: The French Senate passed a ban by a vote of 246 to 1

on Tuesday, and the measure has already passed the lower chamber. Now
there are 10 days for dissenters to challenge the measure, which is
considered unlikely. Several Muslim women have vowed to continue wearing
the face-covering veils, despite the ban.

With the threat of burning a Quran, I was worried we might expose ourselves to terrorism both at home and abroad at worst, and raw meat for the recruitment of lunatic jihadists (well, admittedly, all jihadists are lunatics) at best when news appeared at Daily Beast pointing to bans on burkas and anything veiling the human face. Surely this is as great a slap at Shariah as any Holy Book burning. (It might be pointed out that burning anyone else's Holy Book makes it appear you are uncertain of the divinity of your own. Christers terrorize pregnant women and homosexuals every day and the Judeo-Christian roots of their prejudices have exceeded their statutes of limitations, their sunset acts.) In point of fact, one religion's conviction that their Holy Book is better because newer than the other guy's Holy Book only means that every few centuries, a myth comes along and inspires a cultus of credulity-stretching, shekel-giving loons, gullible victims of political leaders and clergy alike.

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