Deadly Combination: Arrogance and Ignorance

Bypassing a bibliography containing numerous books, articles and journals regarding Intelligent Design and Creationism, which do not reach the level of junk science and would need numerous upgrades to reach that plateau, it is important to understand how such thing harms the country. A recent survey of the top developed countries in the world ranked the United States as number 34 out of 35 in the acceptance of evolution, an embarrassment as well as a finding with enormous economic implications.

Rather than spend paragraphs explaining Intelligent Design and Creationism, it is more important to understand that no reputable science organization in the United States or the world endorses it, but even more significant is that the rest of the developed world accepts evolution and are well on the to winning the brain race as well as economic advantage. Outsourcing from the economic powers of the sorld will be coming to America soon if we continue along the current path. Intelligent Design promotes and even glorifies ignorance?

Promoted by the amalgamation politics and religion, there is a celebration of ignorance in the United States that is impervious to fact, but accepts the most inane fiction as truth. Evolution is not a hunch or guess, it is fact. Continued denial of evolution is the just the tip of the iceberg of ignorance in the United States. Every year faith healing and praying for God to heal a sick child cause unnecessary suffering and death, but are still practiced in the 21st century. Belief in the “prosperity” gospel,  spiritual warfare and a host of things invisible allow religious shysters to pocket millions of dollars. 

There are serious consequences tied to ignorance. Among the world’s developed countries American high school students are not even in the top ten in scientific acumen, while Japan and Korea are number one and two respectively. Those rankings mean less scientific progress for the United States and that directly impacts the economy.

Religion stands as a ridiculous but serious threat to progress; history shows Christianity continuously blocking scientific discovery that did not jibe with its interpretation of the world. The road of church history is literally littered with the bodies of scientists as knowledge threatens orthodoxy and control. The Catholic Church just allowed use of condoms in areas wracked by AIDS, but only in some cases placing itself directly against progress and making it a bastion of irresponsibility. Despite its continual interference, when it comes to science, religion’s losing streak is destined to continue.

The quest to put Creationism and Intelligent Design on equal footing with evolution will ultimately fail despite the millions of dollars invested by religionist to accomplish a task unworthy of consideration. The argument for evolution was settled 150 years ago for the scientific community. Fact versus fiction is an unfair fight and as usual religion will lose, but the damage it causes in its contribution to ignorance cannot be overstated.

In this case, what you don’t know can hurt you and millions of others as the United States begins losing out to other countries because of arrogance, ignorance and intelligence. Evolution is only the beginning of the slide into “just” another country. Judging from the continued attempts to legitimize Intelligent Design and Creationism it is clear that many have not evolved even to the level of informed discussion.

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Comment by Donald R Barbera on February 2, 2011 at 7:42pm
These folks almost made me stop debating. I was hoping for a building to fall except I was afraid it might fall on me.
Comment by Bill Jones on February 2, 2011 at 12:35am
Let them continue to believe as we continue to evolve!!!!
Comment by Bill Jones on February 2, 2011 at 12:32am
You are so right.  Very well written.  Your last sentence especially gets to me.  My discussions with Creationists drives me bonkers.  Not only do they not have the most basic knowledge of the findings of science but they refuse to listen.  They do not want to know any of the findings/truths as it would turn their ignorant world upside down.  It is so sad and frustrating.  So many times I have to cease in any discussions for it soon becomes clear that we are not talking on the same level and their reasoning becomes illogical and irrational.



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