I will be in the New Orleans area Dec. 10-14 and speaking to the New Orleans Humanists and the SE Louisiana University Secular Students. If you know of anyone in the New Orleans area, let them know. Here is my calendar link:

I am also finishing up planning for my January book tour through the south. Jan. 7, Nashville, TN, Jan 8 Huntsville, Al, Jan 9 (looking at something at the Univ. of Ala.- not confirmed), Jan. 10 Atlanta Freethought, Jan. 11 (looking at doing something in Knoxville, TN).

If you know anyone in these areas, let them know I will be speaking and send them to my calendar.

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Comment by Darrel Ray on November 9, 2009 at 7:58pm
I have a lot of religious friends try and talk me into reading their books. I respond, when you have read on tenth of the religious books I have, I will read yours - I have probably read 500-600 religious books, not counting the Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, etc. I then ask them if they have ever read one book by a major atheist writer. Invariably, they have not. So why should I read another of your books, when I have already read more than you have, yet you haven't read one of mine? That usually stops them cold and a few take up the challenge. I then make a quick decision about the book I think would best fit them and recommend it. I NEVER loan them a book because they will never read it and I'll never see it again. Instead, I say, "If you are interested in the book, you can get it at the bookstore or Amazon."

On another note, I have read CS Lewis and I feel for you. He was a nice guy but a terrible theologian.
Comment by Darrel Ray on November 9, 2009 at 7:13pm
Hey, great to hear you liked it. I will be at Huntville and Tuscaloosa in January. Hope to meet you. If he talked for 6 hours, you must have hooked something in him. I had a devout Southern Baptist friend leave the church and become an atheist after reading the book. I have two Catholic friends that did the same thing. It seems to have that effect on some people. I'll look at your post. I didn't notice it before.



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