decided this is the only social networking site i need & bsg shite

so i said fuck myspace and deleted my account... frak all that drama-- even with people who don't know you... have to start so yeah fuck that- i'm happier here and with my twitter anyways...

comp still going nuts... organ still trying to escape... nothing new... just actually got the computer to work and i felt the need to say FUCK YOU RON MOORE>>>> JUST FUCK YOU.... yeah... bsg has me all wound up after last night...

i'm thinking starbucks father is actually 'daniel' and thats why he just dissappeared... makes sense... with the music... she could be a hybrid child- thats just my inner geek though... shes not the last model-- just one of their children... needless to say i frakking LOVED it... and i super paused and went slow mo and saw that the tape she had of her fathers- down below... it said live at the (something) OPERA HOUSE ... so i'm all going obbsessive about how its gonna end now...

don't make me have wasted years of brain mush time on unresolved story lines mr moore... please?

on brighter note husband may see the settlement soon... so big plus... months of waiting = stupid car wrecks- but we get a new bed and i get a macbook me thinks (and with any luck some extra left over for the upcoming Pearl Jam boxset) so it works out in exchange for a broken kneecap (at least hes walking again & our moove to this tiny village seems to be making us happier than living in civilization- so we're cool) no people we've met as friends or even decent conversation yet- and i doubt that will happen around here--- its just too small and rural and hell i've got tattoos on my face... so i totally get it ... lol

ok... windows starting to go nuts... i'm sending this while i still can...

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Comment by Shiny Rage on March 1, 2009 at 3:55pm
Galactica could be the dying leader... or its roslin... but i just don't think they're going to kill her with 3 episodes left... i do think they will find the '13th colony though' and in an interview katee sackhoff said that even AFTER its over, people may still be accusing her of being a cylon... *arg* fucking ron moore... evil bastards is what they are... (im such a geek) i still think that dreilide thrace is possibly the 'sensitive artist' (as ellen described him) #7 'daniel' - its not like they havent assumed different names before- and his dissappearence could have been the boxing/corrupting of his line...

Caprica should be interesting with the way things are going... now that we know that at the time the centurions should have been doing experiements trying to create fleshjobs... and still... the whole bit about EVERYONE on earth was cylon... there are just too many questions i fear will not be answered... BUT we do get another 'movie' after the series ends- before the caprica (most likely mini-series pilot like bsg was) ....

AND another UNRELATED BSG movie apparently is in negotiations with that larson? guy who did the original battlestar... all of us reimagined geeks will be like the old skool bsg geeks when that comes out and probably bitch and moan that its too different and unrelated...

at least it won't be a 2 year wait like farscape was for closure.... or will it...
Comment by Reed on February 28, 2009 at 11:19pm
Only 3 more episodes to mushify your brain then it's back to caprica if you want to get hooked again. Do you think the Galactica is the leader who is going to die? The preview for next week had me thinking that. Yes, I'm a geek...


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