I haven't dated anyone in a year or so. Maybe this is causing my mom to think my gay is over or something. But really I doubt it, she's just totally delusional. This isn't the first time her or anyone in my family has made comments like this. Ok so..
Me: *waves a hand at the open door and says "smoky" because the neighbor is burning leaves again*
Mom: Wha'?
Me: It's smoky. Can I close the door?
Mom: Hahaha! I thought there was some guy out there and you were saying oooh smokin'!
Me: *giving her look that kills but she's already preoccupied with something else.*

It's so offensive!! I hate myself for not saying anything when this shit happens but I'm terrified of confrontation. I've been stewing over it for two days. I figured I should blog it and let it go.

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Comment by Father Nature on December 20, 2008 at 3:32pm
Blog it and let it go...a great idea. A catch-and-release policy for life's irritations.

Q: Do you smoke after sex?
A: I don't know...I never looked.

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