Did abstinence eduction cause young adults to abstain from religion?

I just read an encouraging statistic:

"About 1 in 10 young adults are "irreligious" — or actively against religion — after virtually none of them fit that description as teenagers."

There is more background at:

So, what happened in the last decade that caused close to 30% of American twenty year olds to abandon religion? The line up of possible culprits can be formed into four groups, thus:

a. The religious lunatics finally became so loud and extreme that they drove thinking people away from their Judeo-Isalmic-Christian cults.

b. The sensible, logical and well presented spokes people of the openly atheist community have offered a palatable alternative to the primitive myths and legends peddled by superstitious old men in dresses.

c. Kids leaving home tend to swing away from whatever indoctrination their parents and other supposed authority figures have attempted.

d. Some combination of the above.

I suspect that abstinence has become strongly associated with religion amongst the last decade's worth of high school students. There may be some sub-conscious choice between sex and religion; guess which wins most often?

Whatever the cause, this is the most encouraging news I have heard in some time. Perhaps there is reason to hope that the world won't disappear in a puff of invisible cloud being inspired nuclear war, or die a horrible heat death due to stupid people thinking they will be 'raptured' away before their chronic fossil fuel addiction comes home to roost in a greenhouse gas cloud of ghastly mixed metaphors.

And before you ask, I'm not this out and rude to the NOGs (Nutters Of God) in everyday life... not unless they say something especially offensive with the full knowledge that I'm free of the God virus.

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