I have my own question: Does God and his angel choose who they want to heal?

My question arose when it was reported that "A 14-year-old girl with a history of serious health issues lay dying of pneumonia in a hospital room. But as her mother waited for the girl to take her last breath, an image of bright light appeared on a security monitor. Within an hour, the dying girl began a recovery that doctors are at a loss to explain."

Don't get me wrong, I am very happy for this young Girl and her parent. However, when her mother told NBC News that this bright light "was an image of an angel" and is to be credited with saving the life of her daughter Chelsea, makes me wonder of the many innocent young children who lost their lives while waiting for God or his angel to show-up and heal them from their illness. In fact, these children's parents, unlike Chelsea's mother, refuse any medical help for their children because of their extremely deep faith in God. That's, the heck of, a lot of faith to have in a God; Yet, despite this much faith, neither God nor his angel shows up to help the distress children. Consequently, leading to the children death.

Chelsea's mother can believe what ever she wants, that's her rights. On the other hand, if Rev. Suzan Johnson Cook is right when he say that "angels really do exist," and Chelsea's mother is also right, it was an angel that heal her child. Then, this incident answer my question and also highlights the reason why not to accept this sadistic and barbarous God, it is bad for humanity.

Also, I understand the doctors may be at a loss to explain what actually happened; However, they did do something, and maybe Chelsea's mother, filled with joy because of her daughter's recovery direction, forget that she did brought her daughter to the hospital, and medical care coupled with the ability of the human body to heal itself and her daughter's strength, may have been the real reasons for her daughter's sudden direction of recovery.

It appears that God with all his powers can't heal by himself and must depends on science for help. Science is great. In fact, science can heal by itself and God can't. We need science not God.

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Comment by Shlarg on December 24, 2008 at 1:59pm
When an amputated leg miraculously grows back before my eyes then I might take this immaculate healing crap seriously. Of course when science finally manages to grow back limbs the religious will simply attribute that as god acting through the doctors.
Comment by Fr33think3r on December 24, 2008 at 1:47pm
We cant be sure that's not an alien. Maybe its a demon that needs the girls body for evil deeds. Or its not that god but rather its the other god. Let's be open-minded and consider all possibilities.
Comment by Douglas Christensen on December 24, 2008 at 12:16pm
Yup. That there is an angel. How can anyone not see an angel in that security camera still frame. I have no doubt in my mind. That looks nothing like light coming through a window on a door frame. That's it, I've converted to Angelism.
Comment by Clarence Dember on December 24, 2008 at 12:15pm
Also, the more you believe You can do, the more you personally can do.
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