Did the Flinstones Cause a Generation to Be Open To Creationism?

At work today, a couple of co-workers started reminiscing about The Flintstones. If you don't know who they are, this post may have no relevance to you. If you do know the Flintstones cartoon from the 1960's you'll remember that the Stone Age Family lived with dinosaurs, sabertooth tigers, mammoths, etc..

It was clearly anachronistic, but as I grew up in a fundamentalist environment, I did believe that dinosaurs and humans lived together. The earth was only 6000 years old, so if dinosaurs were real (and there was some debate about their existence in those closed off circles of my childhood), then they would have had to have lived at the same time humans did. The Flintstones only reinforced that belief with its humorous images of dinosaur showers, car-washes, heavy duty quarry equipment, vacuum cleaners, etc..

This got me to thinking about Ken Ham and his silly Creation "museum". He has created scenes of early humans living right next to dinosaurs. This is not to appeal to adults. This is clearly targeted at children who typically have malleable minds. Indoctrination of children will usually stay with them at least until after high school. Sadly in my case, it didn't wear off until much, much later.

So, besides just being silly, is Ken Ham building off the foundation created by that "Modern Stone-Age Family" that many of us fell in love with in our childhoods?





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