Diligent Woman

The Diligent woman can be , as dainty , as can be .

To obtain my greatness; you do not half to be an religious theist ; which is not reality.

The daintiness of my dip , and the sternness of my triumphed elephant walk .

Signifies a woman, that is clearly a passion of Free- thoughts.

Unlike the political parties ; my thoughts is full of all their intelligent minds.

When I speaks people notice me ; without me dancing around like a holy sanctified clown.

I make religious woman jealous; because she does not have the strength to become unbound .

My touch is of magnificent, that warmth’s and creates man to cherish me .

He remembers the way that I move , in my private dance; which soothe his need .

Or, even dancing amongst the people ;

whom is not worshiping a god, that don’t exist to them and me .

Envious of an new type of diligent woman, which she dreams upon .

She still looks forward to an heaven , that will and shall not come.

Look at me I am free to fit into my shorts , pants and dainty jeans , or even wear a skirt that is high above my knees .

Or even a long dress ; that creates suspense to whoever watching me.

My body is exposed, to exploit my sexuality .

Because I am all woman, not an god created fantasy;

From Adams rib, which is nonsense to me.

My wisdom is not chagrin ;

Because I have the ability to bounce back ; t o the changes that comes and needs .

But, not for the religious woman, whom is stuck in primitively .

If only the religious woman could speak up ; or just mutter a word .

But the fear she has in man’s god , got her steady into church.

When a man decides ; that his love has falling away from me.

I just deal with the hurt; by brushing my shoulders off ,

instead of drowning myself like Percy Shelly wife did , for her religious dignity.

Or , like a bitter woman sitting scorn in church ;

that display acts of peculiar for the pastor pity .

Though man is for woman, and woman for man , like people for the world , and world for woman and man .

My love is only for the one , that treats me with fairness like his fellow man.

But, he also must know , I live for me first and then the rest will fall into his greatness.

Oh religious woman, don’t you wish you had my strength .

To fight the toughs o f life; what you call an invisible Satan.

Satan and god , is a less irrational thought ; of an primitive mind.

The ruthless of unconscious, creates an unrealistic essential for life.

Keep your bible religious woman c lose to you ;

So you can do your best for god , that binds you to sexist suggestion in the way you dress.

Which denies your strength of an free feminist .

My mind is free ; to fly to infinite heights .

Reminisces of the great philosophers Dubois; that created the Fabulous Black Atheist life.

The reality of it all ; is my diligences sees realism in my need ;

it crafts me to fit the evolutional changes, in my society .

Instead of denying what is apparent , to what the eyes can actually see.

The Apostolic women ; submission to the religious mans bigot creed; to the Seventh Day and the Catholic belief, of what is considered to be a false authenticity ; and to the Muslim woman who support this highly unethical atrocity .

All the religions, are full of falsities.

Alfreda P. Howard

( Zhi Y. Zhang)


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