Dish Network forcing citizens to have Religious channels in 'packages'

I signed up for Dish Network (it's a satellite TV company) here in Yuma AZ. The new customer package was just $19.99/month and included extended Movie stations like HBO, Starz etc and entailed about 200 stations. After 3 months, "New Customer Promotions" ended & if I continued with Dish, I was forced to choose continuing that Extensive Package *at normal prices* (very co$$tly!) or choose another 'Package'. I chose the Budget Package which has about 50 stations and now costs me $40/month. Besides Dish pulling the Bait-and-Switch tric... I'm EXTREMELY upset this Budget Package includes 9 (NINE!!) Religious channels!!! No more CNN or MSNBC but there's two Fox News stations!!! Is Religion in the back pockets of ALL Television Media corporations?

Maybe Religious Groups feel if a person chooses a low-budget TV "Budget Package", they are destitute and 'vulnerable' therefore they can 'reach' those low-budget viewers. Whatever the marketing tactic, having to view Religious Programming while I search for a show, offends and sickens me - are not a person's civil rights being violated being forced to pay for Religious stations??

In trying to get my mind off these issues, I go to The Game Channel only to see The Great Bible Challenge being played over and over!

If I had to pay more to pick-and-choose just the top 10 stations I'd like to watch... I'd do that. But no Satellite companies offer that.

I've written Dish Network but I expect no resolve or understanding.

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Comment by jay H on May 16, 2013 at 6:32pm

this is a subject that gets a lot of attention periodically.

Sure you don't want the religious channel, other people may not want the sports channel, etc. But, especially for the low cost options, it's much cheaper to bundle a bunch of channels together than customizing each customer's package. It also has turned out to be a boost for obscure channels trying to get exposure, they're given away almost for free.

Comment by Pat on May 16, 2013 at 8:45am

Either Dish or Direct has you by the proverbial "short hairs." I live in a very rural are - next door neighbor is a mile away.  No access to cable, so you're stuck with Dish or Direct. For me to get HBO and the Smithsonian Channel, I have to get all the sports networks (which I never watch), a crap load of religious channels (occasionally good for a laugh - especially  Jack Van Impe and his anorexic Stepford wife, Rexella), and Fox Noise (never good for a laugh). "Hey, you want to watch the Science Channel in High Def? Well, bend over big boy. Do we have something for you."

Comment by Michael Penn on May 16, 2013 at 7:23am

I can agree as I had Dish Network until 2009 when all TV went digital. They pick the package for you, and it includes religion and lots of sports - both of which I do not need. They will tell you that its impossible for you to "pick and choose" and exclude those channels.

So I dropped Dish when all went digital to experiment with OTA (over the air) television again, and found out that many even believe this to be illegal. Satellite companies want you to think that, but ads and commercials originally paid for OTA television that you receive with an antenna. Today I have 2 modified MXU 59 antennas at the top of an antenna tower, and I get 26 channels crystal clear - but 3 of them are still religious.

Not long ago in an offer I could not refuse, I chose the Charter triple bundle and now have cable TV at level "Digitier 1." This has channels that I'm finding out others simply do not have, but it still has many religious stations. I simply do not watch them, and I still have my 26 channel OTA antennas on the tower as a back up.

Comment by Randall Smith on May 16, 2013 at 7:12am

I empathize. My "senior" package gives me my faves: the food channel, MSNBC, History, and TBS (Big Bang reruns!). No Fox, but many "religious" outlets, which I ignore. Suits me.

Comment by Loren Miller on May 15, 2013 at 10:07pm

Noise like this makes me glad I have Time Warner Cable ... and NO religious stations ... or at least none that I know of!

Comment by James Yount on May 15, 2013 at 9:09pm

Directv is really bad too.  Plus the way they subcontract their work out results in slave labor.  I worked for them briefly.  I worked about 80+ hours a week with only one day off and pulled in about $300.  Worst job I've ever had.



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