Displacing Ignorance with Understanding

My thesis: the educational program in America is severely lacking, leading to incomprehension or a severe misunderstanding of how our particular universe operates.  I propose a new program of education to be taught as the new essential reading.  This will be based around the following five areas:

(1) The Empirical Method:  The foundation of knowledge
(2) Entropy:  Things change (put simply)
(3) Probability:  Improbability does not imply impossibility; improbable events necessarily occur, though any one specific event may be highly improbable
(4) Evolution:  Follows from (2) and (3) - complexity arises from simplicity
(5) Consciousness:  The phenomena collectively referred to as 'mind' emerge from a complex nervous system.  There is no evidence for minds existing independent of nervous systems.  A 'disembodied mind' is operationally indefinable.

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