Do atheists have families or do we raise ourselves?

When I check on the atheist groups on Facebook I regularly read stories of people being harassed by their families of devoutly religious people. Even though Facebook has settings that allow people to block individuals who might insult or post negative comments, somehow these believers seem to break through. These long suffering and I suspect somewhat dense atheists don’t understand you could even have a profile for one set of friends and a profile for a second set.

But the basic problem seems to be that they have chosen the wrong families, the so-called pious individuals who make their beliefs into a fetish. They think that everyone outside their narrow sect will spend eternity in some fiery pit watching old re-runs of the Kardashian family. Well fortunately I don’t come from one of those weirdly religious families. We used to say grace at the dinner table but after a while I stopped joining in. Although I explored different religious traditions I left my family’s beliefs long ago. And I have been perfectly happy for it. When I seek out romantic companionship, I find it is best to look for non-religious women.

When I return to visit my family, we are not filled with strife and aunts and uncles pushing religious tracts on me. We actually have little contact with the more deeply religious family members. We don’t bother one another on Facebook. And yes, we do love each other. I think more families would be better served by following our example of learning to respect one another and our differences. Issues of spirituality, immortality and god are too important to be beaten or brainwashed into people. Some of the atheists I encounter rebelled after being dragged along to church as children. I was allowed to find my own path.  Thank Darwin we have developed the wisdom to develop and nurture our own beliefs. Blessed be.

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Comment by kathy: ky on December 26, 2014 at 10:34pm
I wish it were only tracts being pushed at me. I get the full on prayer beforemeals . Without the added incentive of 'and lord, we pray that you will touch those among us today who haven't came to you'. Which l always find a hoot.
Comment by jay H on December 26, 2014 at 7:25pm

My wife has a Baptist family (including a really wingnut niece with a gazillion kids being raised 'in the lord').  But much of her family doesn't try to bother trying to address our athiesm. My mother, a JW is still alive, but we never talk religion. All this is made simpler because I refuse to get a Facebook account.

But we're just not family kind of people. I'll see my brother maybe once each year or two, pretty much the same my (40 year old) son. The same goes for my wife's one brother (the rest of her family are of little interest to her) No animosity, just very little interest in socializing.

I actually socially see my ex wife (a Jewish atheist) more often than any of my blood relatives.

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