We booked a hotel on hotwire because its suppose to be cheap, however they don't tell you the hotel. I had one good experience a few years ago but now I will not use it again! Ok so we got the hotel booked . We found out the name and later looked up the hotel online. Unfortunately we found out through a bunch of websites and reviews that the neighborhood the hotel is in is very unsafe and cars are broken into all the time and the hotel is loud because it's near a hospital among other things. I think only one person recommended the hotel. This is NOT OK and we do NOT want to go there (we have enough stressors in our life and we don't need our cars broken into) however hotwire.com and the hotel is giving us the runaround bullshit. I booked a hotel somewhere else that had much better reviews and so on. I don't know if we'll get the money back!! Grr. Pain in my ass!

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