Does God Exist? Let's take the design view.

Someone asked on my local forum, "Does God exist and if so, where is the proof? This was my response. View the thread here.

One only has to look at all the beautiful plants and trees to know that this couldn't have just happened. It needed intelligent design. What about an eye? How could that have just appeared? If a tornado hit a car breakers, it wouldn't leave an 'E Type' in its wake.

However the designer was a bit naff. Putting sex organs next to the waste removal system and indeed having them operate as both is novel but not the best design option. I know the childbitrth thing weas a curse from god but really - A hinged door over the stomach opened by a code provided by god on 9 months would be better and would save a fortune in healthcare. Why not have parents needing to spend a year in close proximity before the female could get pregnant? That would solve a lot of social problems.

Bones break too easily. A good god would have thought of this before the seventh day or would have fixed it after. If humans were bendy and could bounce from great heights, there would be a lot less to go wrong. Needing blood to carry oxygen round the body is a bit of a no-brainer. Fine until someone gets accidentally opened up or those white cells get a mind of their own.

I could go on but it's a bit disrespectful to our lord and (not very good) saviour.

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Comment by Yiggoto on June 29, 2010 at 4:37pm
Thanks for the comments. We are able to see the gaping holes in 'faith based arguements' so why can't believers? Have the churches/mosques got them that brainwashed or is it some kind of human disposition and we are the 'Tomorrow People'?

The concept of a benevolant god who lets people go to hell or welcomes them to eternal life is just so bizarre that I cannot understand how people go for it and it scares me that so many do and that they are allowed, even encouraged to bring up their children to do the same.
Comment by Sigmund on June 29, 2010 at 3:36pm
The thing that bugs me most about this, is that it is routinely referred to as the teleological 'argument'. It's not actually an argument of course (at least not in the logical sense, which the ontological and transcendental arguments at least attempt), but rather a mere interpretation of something as proof for an otherwise unfounded theory. Since there is no reason why it should be evidence for this particular idea, it is necessarily preferable to accept that natural processes are at work (particularly given that these are clearly supported by evidence). Like all of the so-called 'arguments' traditionally used to justify religious belief, this one is circular, and it doesn't even apply elementary logic (others do, but are based on faulty premises, see my full discussion here)
Comment by Dionysus on June 29, 2010 at 3:10pm
The design argument is counter intuitive since before you say it's the work of a supernatural being you have to rule out design by natural means, including natural selection the "blind watchmaker". Also, once you say it's the work of a supernatural, intelligent designer you've answered nothing since the question is NOT who designed us but instead how so unless you can supply the processes and mechanism by which this intelligent designer has "designed" us then you are merely answering one mystery by positing yet another mystery. Intelligent designers are a non answer.
Comment by Jas Brimstone on June 28, 2010 at 3:32pm
How about the cosmological standpoint that we, as a species, are unsuited to live (as in would instantly die) in 99.999...% of the vast expanse of the universe (not to mention a goodly portion of this very Earth which was supposedly "created for us")?

How about the fact that we breathe and eat using the same tube, leading to hundreds if not thousands (too busy to google for exact numbers) of deaths per year of our wonderfully "designed" species?

How about putting the nerve center for our entire body in one of the most vulnerable and least protected areas?

And speaking of vulnerable spots, why design males to house their sexual organs on the outside where they are vulnerable to falls, attack, etc.?

How about that our eyes can't see much of the light spectrum?

How about that our sense of smell is, quite frankly, pathetic in comparison to other animals?

Yep. The list goes on and on...
Comment by Jim DePaulo on June 28, 2010 at 2:33pm
Speaking of design flaws how about putting a nasty drippy thing like the nose right above the hole we put our food in.
Comment by Yiggoto on June 27, 2010 at 4:21pm
I think that we are no better (but perhaps much worse) than any other animal on this planet. Trouble is all the christians think god made them in his image and put the animals there for them to use/abuse. Worse still , they believe that if this world gets fuckd up by humans, they get to go to a better one. It is criminal to let people carry on believing this rubbish while raping the planet in the name of capitalism.

My children and their children are going to ask why we didn't do anything when we knew what the problems were.

God stopped interfereing as soon as science was able to fill in the gaps. Strange how he used to appear to individuals and put the whole thing on to them to deploy. He could do so much better. People just aren't taught how to think rationally and freely.
Comment by Jezzy on June 27, 2010 at 10:48am
Then I'll go on for you, because it got me thinking. :D

Amen to the childbirth thing. If it's the miracle of creation, why are our bodies not better suited to it? What about menstruation? The vast majority of animals don't. Why can we not choose when we have offspring, rather than leave it to sexual chance? We're clearly being punished because God hates women. Oh and men. And animals... and the ocean... and most especially his chosen people, the Jews.

It makes me wonder why we have genders at all. Surely the soul cannot be defined as male or female. When we consider the human race to be one, it's sad to imagine that the teeny chance that led us to be XX or XY is what defines us. Contrary to popular belief, female is the "default" gender. Why is God male? And how can a "male" identifying deity not be saying that A) He has no real understanding of female dynamics, or B) Male is the superior gender. And why would any creed of human be given advantages over the other?

Why is there poison in nature? That seems a cruel joke of "intelligent" design, to have the clamor of what indeed looks like survival of the fittest killing off the creations of the creator. The very air we breath, the water we drink? Toxic and destructive, in it's own right.

Do animals have souls? We are bent against cruelty towards them. Religions have flip-flopped on the issue. If they have souls-- is it the soul of an "animal"? Truly, then, we are not all created equal, and our free will is defined only by chance.

Why did God interfere in Bible days, and now isn't turning anyone into salt? And how is it that whenever it seems to, what should perhaps be called a grand prophet is labeled insane?



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