I went to the supermarket yesterday about 3 PM, wearing my facemask.

I started to feel slightly off when I was there. 

So when I was checking out, I asked the grocery clerk if there had been a dog there earlier.

She said yes, there was a dog there about 10 AM. 

And I did get an allergic reaction to it ...

Five hours after a dog was in the supermarket - ceilings 20 feet high or so.  And I got sick from that, it seems!

I bought a respirator on Amazon that will cover my whole face.  That might work better and save me some allergic reactions. 

I have been having allergic reactions about once a week, despite being very careful  :(

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Comment by Luara on November 23, 2014 at 2:47am

I knew about  allergies  to animal  dander, but did not know  it could  be so serious

People have died because of animal allergies, they can cause breathing problems.  More commonly, it's cat allergy that's so severe. 

I don't have breathing problems from allergies - rather, I get mentally knocked out from an allergic reaction.  I can't think well, my mind gets fuzzy and I feel sick. 

It's gotten a lot better - my allergic reactions to dogs used to last for 5 days.  Now they only last about 2 days, and I'm much less severely incapacitated. 

If it continues that same way, after awhile I won't be at all incapacitated and I'll be back to having a minor dog allergy. 

It's weird being in such a minority.  Pet dogs are all over the place.  It's becoming more common for people to have dogs as companions.  Rather than going around with other people, they take their dog in the car with them - making the parking lot a hazard for me.  People with service dogs can and do take them anywhere. 

Because it's uncommon for people to have such a severe dog allergy, there's very little recognition that going around with a dog might cause a serious problem for someone else.  It's like I have no rights, and I can only evade these allergic hazards, like I would watch out for snakes in the jungle.  It feels weird, like I'm a feral human. 

Comment by Luara on November 22, 2014 at 12:35pm

A year or so ago, a guy told me he'd been exposed to mold long-term in his house and (as a result, he felt) he developed severe allergies to all sorts of things.  He said it lasted about 4 years, then went away. 

I had mold in my house, possibly that's part of the reason for my awful allergies. 

My allergies are much more sensitive than what he described, though. 

Comment by Luara on November 22, 2014 at 12:19pm

Thanks.  I was amazed that I could have an allergic reaction in a supermarket, five hours later!

I don't think it was something else, because I almost never have mystery allergic reactions. 

I think they mop the floors overnight and that's why the supermarket first thing in the morning has been OK. 

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