Dollhouse and Chuck season finales **spoilers.**

So this morning I finally caught up with the Dollhouse finale so I'll review that quickly. In a word this was nothing short of being the best episode in the series. There were plenty of plot twists and some excellent sci-fi themes explored. I particularly liked the twist with Dr Claire being a doll. That was unexpected but very logical. The two things what impressed me the most however were Alan Tudyk's (Alpha) performance who nailed the character completely and the concept of Echo confronting herself. Overall I'd give the episode a firm 9/10

Chuck which I watched last week has a near equally awesome finale. The humour was spot on. It was awesome seeing the return of Jeffster. After the previous episode this show really did look like it was finishing up. In some ways this would be a decent place to end the show but I really hope it keeps going, especially after the way the season ended. 8/10

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Comment by Justin Pearson Smith on May 11, 2009 at 2:50pm
Likewise. I'd also like to see Reaper get picked up but I think that will probably go. Chuck is probably the most likely to be renewed out of the three.
Comment by Angie Jackson on May 11, 2009 at 8:07am
Both shows don't yet know if they will be picked up again next season. Here's hoping they both do!



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