At FSU (Florida State University) I put a few Hitchens quotes on my door and the other day I received a reply (to my surprise). The reply said "God does more shit for people and the world every day then any Atheist, you are all close minded"....I was completely shocked, however I am leaving it there, rightfully so too because people now get to see a horrible argument against Atheism. I put a reply saying "open mindedness is recognizing the fact that we could be wrong, and we very well may be". I WIN.

Also I would like to bring up the subject of "mean" Atheists...All over the web and on sites such as youtube I find coments that people leave that basically say how horrible religion is and how all religious people are "stupid" or "retarded". This is wrong, we cannot and should not attack religious people simply because they are religious. We should only attack those who demmand to stuff their beliefs down our throats and everyone elses throats. Because if we do attack those for no reason then allllllll Atheists will be seen as godless, arrogant, intellectual pricks. We don't need this and should not want this

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Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on October 8, 2010 at 6:27am
My mother never said this, but I do: good manners are never out of style. I try to remember when I am among theists, I may be the only atheist they know and I try to be a good representative of my group. That said, I think there is lots of silliness in the world, religion being only one type. Although, I can understand why people who grow up in the tenants of faith stick to it, I have yet to understand how colon cleansing or crystals make you a more spiritual person.
Comment by Tyler Alan Peters on October 8, 2010 at 1:47am
One more point
We as the nations largest minority should absolutely be upfront with all those around us and tell them our beliefs! We can be angry of course but we should not let it show in a manner that will hurt our cause in any way. We need to be firm and to stand up against the religious harm being done in our nation and around the world.
Comment by Tyler Alan Peters on October 8, 2010 at 1:42am
Cliff, I know how ya feel man.

Brian, you are right, you are very right and if only more people could see things your way then we would have fewer problems for sure. However I do believe, based on our knowledge of science and the universe, that we (non-believers) can safely assume that organized religion is inherently false and to believe in anything that they preach as fact is, to put it nicely, silly.

John, I completely agree when you say you are pissed, I am too, the fact that religion causes sooooo much oppresion in the world makes me sick to my antitheist stomach. Also, I do sympathize with peoples frustrations and I agree that they should blow off steam, but please I would advise them to do it in a controlled manner. Not saying things like "religion is so gay lol" or "fuck these fucking retards, they are all fucking idiots, we should kill em all". Comments like this actualy hinder any sort of "atheist movement". When things like that are said we look no better then the religious fanatics we are trying so damn desperately to stop my friend. And if you do indeed call yourself and athiest then you are in fact also calling yourself and intellectual and there is no place for anger or rudeness from intellectuals.
Comment by Brian J Geisler on October 7, 2010 at 2:59pm
True, Tyler. The first part of this post goes well with the second. Hanging a quote by Hitchens is no different than hanging a cross on your door. And if some wad wants to have pencil muscles then let him. And as for the second part, you couldn't be anymore correct. Atheists and Agnostics (like myself) are just as bad as self-righteous Catholics and Muslims when we try to stuff our non-theist views down their throats. I've always found it much more exhilarating to listen then retort. And if you are talking to someone with half a brain then you can usually get them to rethink, at least for a moment, what it is they've been basing their lives on. I don't try to change minds, but everyone needs to understand the possibility that we have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what's out there.
Comment by Tyler Alan Peters on October 7, 2010 at 11:21am
Cliff you are not wrong. It is virtually impossible to me to have any sort of intelectual debate with people who continue to use their beliefs as an "argument". They do not base their arguments in logic and as such deserve no response. If they do get a response then it will always be one that they will look at with indiference. I despise it when people say that god has helped them in some small meaningless way, I despise it because it is foolish to me that god would help them and not the thousands of people who die everyday from lack of clean water or from completely curable diseases...lordy lordy lordy
Comment by Frankie Dapper on October 6, 2010 at 7:08pm
Hate the sin. Not the sinner.

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