Doug Harringtons Books from American Samoa.

During a near death expeierence suffered by the Author, Doug Harrington on March 08, 1995, he actually traveled through the Infamous Tunnel that all religous fanatics are so insistant in glorifying.

This inspired the Book {The Fear of Living} which is based on the near Death Expierence that took place in American Samoa, a United States Territory located 14deg. South of the Equator. {Well known as Pago pago}

Doug entered in to the NDE as much of a beleiver as could be expected of a person that spent the best years of his life as an alooholic.

Dougs Mother {Deceased} was a religous fanatinc belonging to the First Baptist Church of Delta Pennsylvania.

His Father, {Deceased} Was a total Non Beleiver throughout his entire life, calling God and Organized Religion, "Pure Bullshit!" His father was later persuaded to "Be Saved" and join the First Bapist Church of Delta Pennsylvania.
He lasted three years before fataly shooting himself in the head as a result of his guilt generated by the religous fanatics.

The Fear of Living is written in laymans terms, and is graced by photos, and Illistrations by Dougs wife, Eleanor.

Order via E-mail at:

Or: Order via the US Postal Service at:

Pastor Doug
Post Office box 4058,
Pago Pago American Samoa

Send Money Order in the amount of $44.00 USD, plus $6.00 USD For Postage and handling.

All profits from the sale of Doug Harringtons Books will be used to develope "The New Order of Hawkeyes Divine Deliverance" in American Samoa.

Thank you & best regards;
Doug Harrington

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