Dr Binayak Sen


First, he is handed down life imprisonment under some 125 year old and obsolete sedition law and now his bail pleas stands rejected by the Chattisgarh  High Court. That is the funny case of Dr Binayak Sen's. The prosecution alleges that the searchers couldn't find a stethoscope from his place and he professes to be a medical doctor! How funny?


If a case is built on such findings then Mr Ramjethmalini's assertion that it was “a case of no evidence” hold solid ground.


Compare this with what is happening in Kashmir - the terrorist infested state of the Indian union where terrorists belonging to one religion want to break away from India in order to establish a theocracy. Instances have been reported, years back, of arms and explosives having been transported from Srinagar to Jammu in flag cars belonging to the state government. Hard core militants have been captured but none convicted so far during the past 22 years of active militancy in J&K. Leave aside those who have been let off under various 'healing touch' schemes and packages. Then there are those who deliver hate speeches and raise anti-India slogans right in the capital of India.


Both the Kashmir terrorists (local as well as foreign) and the Maoists have raised an armed rebellion against the country. Both don't take part in the electoral process. However, the Maoists don't have an organised religion backing their cause that can wield a clout with or create a sense of fear in the politicians mind.


Karmapa, from whom billions in foreign money including ‘crisp’ Chinese currency have been seized, continues to be a free and an honoured guest of India. Does possessing heaps of foreign money not qualify as an act against the State of India? Then there is this highly connected Indian citizen (among many others whom the government would not name), whose billions have disappeared from foreign banks after the government of India got information about the stash.


Are these people not working against the interests of Indian State? Is that not sedition? Does Binayak Sen's alleged crime weigh heavier than that of these honourable men?




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