Dr. Colin A. Ross: Psychiatry, the Supernatural, and Malpractice Most Foul

I wrote up this report regarding some very chilling accusations of malpractice against one Dr. Colin A. Ross. If you've heard of him at all, you probably know him as a recipient of the James Randi Educational Foundation Pigasus Award for his claim - unproven still - that he is capable of emitting detectable beams of energy from his eyes. Not only does the story of Colin Ross make a good argument for the case against supernaturalism, but you'll note in the interview that his aggrieved former patient describes that she was a young pentecostal Christian fundamentalist when she first began treatment with Ross. I would argue that this upbringing in a supernatural world-view left her more vulnerable to Ross's implanted delusions of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Alien Abduction. Thus, I feel that the story of Colin Ross serves as a good argument against raising children religious.


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Comment by Sabrina Kildonan on March 5, 2010 at 12:37pm
Pease go here to read supporting documentation to prove that Dr.Colin Ross did indeed work at the University of Manitoba and that Dr.Colin Ross is a liar:

Comment by Sabrina Kildonan on February 28, 2010 at 12:00pm
Really, just read Doug Mesner's article Dr.Ross,
everybody else has figured out how to do it.
Just click on the process.org link,
then click on the colored letters to open up the documents,
it's not that hard, even you can do it.

Comment by Sabrina Kildonan on February 27, 2010 at 11:56pm
Dr.Colin Ross did you not read the article posted above by Doug Mesner ?
You say that :"There is no documentation of any kind to support the allegation that I was fired or left Manitoba under some kind of coverup."
Yet Doug Mesner has gone to the trouble of imbedding in his well written article above a document, a legal affidavit written by the Director in Mental Health for the Government of Manitoba, Alexander Cowan swearing under oath that you did not leave voluntarily and that the hospital concealed that information from the public.

Dr.Colin Ross I have known Roma and George for a long time,
they are both meticulous record keepers, and George is a brilliant researcher.
It is tragic that they have suffered so much because of your malignant narcissism.

As you are most certainly aware, Dr.Colin Ross, the lawsuit George Bergen filed against you was unsuccessful. Bonnie Bergen's doctor believed that she was too mentally fragile to continue the lawsuit and the judge was compelled to strike out George Bergen's claim as well as the claims of the two Bergen sons because no third party lawsuits are allowed in the Province of Manitoba.
The costs against George were removed and the very sympathetic judge encouraged George to fight to change the provincial law which prohibits third party lawsuits in Manitoba.

George Bergen could not cope with the staggering load of caring for two children while his wife fell into a bizarre iatrogenically induced psychosis of recovered memories planted in her mind by the therapists that you trained. She could not and still cannot be left alone. She is afraid of Satanic cults that are coming to kill her. The Satanic cults that you, Dr. Colin Ross convinced everyone in Manitoba existed under every bloody rock and bush.
I know that you will deny it and I don't want to waste this post space pasting documentation proving what I say about you so I will just ask people to please click on the the JREF randi.org links to read the documents themselves:


Yes George is now an alcoholic, and during their teen years the two boys struggled with alcohol and drug addiction. Small wonder with one parent completely devasted, the other parent trying to drag them down into madness with her. All because of the therapies you taught and the counsellors you supervised in the psych. center you set up.

Of course you repeatedly deny that you knew any of George Bergen's family.
You repeatedly insist that you only worked at the St.Boniface Hospital and that you never involved yourself in the therapy or copunselling of anyone at the University of Manitoba.
The hospital was "ten miles away" from the university so we all understand how difficult it would be to work at both places. And the fact that Bergen's sister committed suicide after recovered memory therapy with your student at the University of Manitoba just months before Roma was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder and submitted to recovered memory therapy with another of your students at the University of Manitoba you say has nothing to do with you because you didn't work there or with them.
But you did.
In Roma Hart's affidavit which is also embedded in Doug Mesner's article above Roma swears that one of your students who who worked as a counellor in the University of Manitoba Psych. Services Center put her in a car and drove her over to your office. That was when you "welcomed Roma into MPD therapy" after just 15 minutes, and that was when she handed you the unemployment insurance form to fill out for her. So you, Roma and the U of M psych Services student were all together at the St.Boniface Hospital on that fateful day.
Of course I know Roma, she has confirmed to me that you and that student regularly consulted each other about the recovered memory therapy you were both using on her. She saw you at the hospital and she saw the student at the university. But Roma told you that she didn't like that student and that she wanted to stop seeing that student and she told you to stop supplying that student with her private records from the hospital visits with you. Do you remember what you said to Roma? She does. You told Roma that you would continue to provide that U of M student working at the U of M Psych Services Center with all of the St.Boniface Hospital private records because of "professional courtesy" because you two were working together. Roma had to write a formal letter of complaint to the Ethics Committee of the U of M Counselling Services to remove that student as her co-therapist.
Roma might get angry enough to dig through all those crates of documents in her bedroom to find a copy of that letter and the university's response. Just piss her off a little bit more, I know she has a soft spot in her heart for poor George, why don't you say something mean about his wife again, that'll get her looking.

I also know that you read Roma's JREF randi.org forum post, in fact I read a few comments you put on it. That was pretty stupid of you.
But nothing comes as close to winning a prize for stupidity as....oh wait...you did win a prize for stupidity, the James Randi Pigasus Award, good for you.....Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

I mean your JREF randi.org forum thread, the James Randi Million Dollar Challenge thread you started a couple of weeks ago. Are you completely crazy? I mean really?
I've been reading it and it looks like you are very close to being arrested for attempted fraud.
I know that you were sued for, among other things, fraudulent concealment, Doug Mesner was kind enough to imbed the Martha Ann Tyo affidavit in his article posted above and if you read all the way back to the last pages that are provided for the readers here you can see that claim against you. You settled out of court didn't you.
Now you think that you can defraud the James Randi Educational Foundation for a million dollars? Just who do you think you're fucking with there?


I can't understand why Roma feels sorry for you,
she is just too kind hearted. Everyone thinks you are a rotten bastard but she stops once in awhile and tells us that it must be very difficult for you to live in such a delusional state all of your life. Maybe she can feel sympathy for you but I can't. You are a rotten bastard.
Comment by Colin Ross on February 19, 2010 at 2:50pm
I just reviewed George Bergen's Statement of Claim filed on May 7, 1997, which I had not looked at for a long time. On reviewing it, I see that I remembered his allegations incorrectly. I thought he had alleged that his wife developed alcoholism and that this was my fault. He did not. He alleged that Bonnie Bergen "became mentally disoriented, and she (Bonnie) was medically diagnosed as being permanently disabled from seeking gainful employment" (page 16, paragraph 49). He did say that the other three members of the family developed alcohol problems and that this was my fault: "George Bergen can no longer enjoy life and has become addicted to alcohol" (page 23, paragraph 74g); "Andrew Bergen can no longer fully enjoy life and has developed drug and alcohol related problems" (page 21, paragraph 74a); "Paul Bergen can no longer fully enjoy life and has developed alcohol related problems" (page 22, paragraph 74c).
In his Affidavit of May 31, 1996, George Bergen identifies himself as follows: "That I am the estranged husband of Bonnie Joan Bergen" - I thought he had gotten divorced, but it looks like he was estranged not divorced.
In summary, according to George Bergen, three out of four family members developed alcohol problems, but not Bonnie, therefore I remembered incorrectly when I said that George had stated that Bonnie developed alcohol problems.
In his May 7, 1997 Statement of Claim (page 8, paragraph 16) George Bergen states that, "in the fall of 1985, Phyllis Peters, then age 39 and employed as a full time computer operator in Winnipeg, felt depressed and anxious when she was referred to the defendant Ross' dissociative disorders program at the defendant University."
This is incorrect. I finished my residency on June 30, 1985. I never worked at any Clinic on the University of Manitoba academic campus nor did I consult there. The Dissociative Disorders Clinic at St. Boniface Hospital was set up in 1988. Phyllis Peters was never treated at St. Boniface Hospital, according to Mr. Bergen. I have never met any member of the Bergen family.
On February 19, 1998 an Order was signed by Master Sharp to "strike out those portions of the Statememt of Claim in the within action which contain allegations as against defendant Dr. Colin A. Ross." Master Sharp wrote that, "THIS COURT FURTHER ORDERS THAT the plaintiffs pay to the defendant, Dr. Colin A. Ross, costs of the motion in the amount of $350.00." This Order was made in response to a Notice of Motion (To Strike) filed on June 2, 1997.
The lawsuit against me by George Bergen was filed 1997, six years after I left Canada, therefore that suit cannot have anything to do with my leaving. There is no documentation of any kind to support the allegation that I was fired or left Manitoba under some kind of coverup.
Other than repeating these facts, I don't see what else there is for me to say concerning the Bergen case, in which I had no involvement of any kind.
Comment by Douglas Mesner on February 18, 2010 at 10:24pm
This message just arrived from George Bergen who, perhaps being a theist as well, asked that I post the message here on his behalf:

Dear Mr. Mesner,
I would like you to post this letter on the website wherein Colin Ross
makes false allegations about me and my family. From Ross's own
testimony in the Minnesota Humana case, he (Ross) testifies
that he (Ross) was employed by the University of Manitoba after
completing his medical residency at the U of M and the St. Boniface
Hospital, and that he (Ross) led a small team of clinicians at the U of
M that started in 1985 as well as an assignment with the St. Boniface
Hospital. Phyllis Peters, my sister-in-law committed suicide on July
20th, 1986. Dr. Dennis Dyck and a graduate student were also part
of this small clinic at the U of M, headed by Ross. Both Ross and Dyck
terminated their employment at the U of M very shortly after July 20th,
1986. They both fled to the United States under a cover up disclosure
by the University of Manitoba and the St Boniface Hospital.
My Court case was NOT dismissed by the Courts in Manitoba as Ross
alleges. My family withdrew charges against Ross and the St Boniface
Hospital after the Baptist Church Minister, Robert Carroll, had taken the
side of my wife's therapist (one of Ross;s advocates), and convinced
my wife that if she did not withdraw from the case , that she would
wind up in a mental Institution. So, my family's Court case never did
reach the Court room in the Province of Manitoba. Also, my wife and
myself were never divorced as Ross alleges. And further, my wife,
Bonnie, has never as much as touched a drop of alcohol ever. So where does
Ross get the idea that my wife was an alcoholic? Depending how well
you document the evidence in your book, I fully intend to launch a
law suite or press for a public inquiry into the operations of the St.
Boniface Hospital and University of Manitoba in their handling of
the Colin Ross debacle in the Province of Manitoba. If there is a small
consolation to this story, it is that Bob Carroll, Tammy Schultz, my wife's
therapist an d Colin Ross have all fled the Province of Manitoba. Colin
Ross is a psychopath and a criminal who should be locked up in prison
for life.
Thank you in advance for posting this letter/
George Burden in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
Comment by Douglas Mesner on February 18, 2010 at 9:54pm
Hello Dr. Ross -
Of course, Bergen's claims could be entirely excised from the article and it would subtract very little from its overall argument, but your denial is duly noted and I will investigate further.
As for your willingness to discuss the JREF challenge, I'll let you know when I hear back from them. I don't have any further comments of my own on that issue. My article here was not about the JREF challenge.
Thanks - doug
Comment by Colin Ross on February 18, 2010 at 9:38pm
St. Boniface Hospital was a teaching hospital - I worked in the Department of Psychiatry at St. Boniface Hospital, which was within the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Manitoba. The University of Manitoba Psych Services Center was on the main campus of the University of Manitoba. I never worked at the Psych Services Center and never supervised anyone there. I had no involvement in the treatment of George Bergen's relative and I did not know his therapist. I have never met George Bergen or his ex-wife. That is the end of my comments on the George Bergen case. I have no further comments or responses to make on any other cases or clinical matters in this forum.
I am willing to discuss my JREF challenge, however.
Comment by Douglas Mesner on February 18, 2010 at 8:19pm
I just received this email from Ms. Roma Hart. I post it here in full, as that was her request:

Hi Doug,
well I couldn't post on your site because I am a "theist", not an annoying one though,
we'd get along just fine, so if it's okay could you please copy and paste this whole
email onto your site.
I guess Dr.Colin Ross is a different kind of "theist" who tells people he is a "Christian
psychiatrist" , performs exorcisms in Catholic hospitals, and proclaims that he is a
"church going man" to my church pastor, yet isn't a "theist" when he becomes a member so
that he can post his comments here.

Anyhooo....Hello Dr.Colin Ross, I was just reading your comments and was absolutely
appalled, even the "non-theists" think you're going to hell :)
For one thing you really need to stop dragging Dr.Bodkin into your defence, he wrote an
affidavit in support of my medical malpractice lawsuit against you not for you, idiot.
You were given a copy of that affidavit, remember Bodkin writing that you grossly
overmedicated me?
And another thing pal, the University of Manitoba is only a fifteen minute car ride away
from the St.Boniface Hospital, you know that, yet you stressed that it was "ten miles
away", what's your point? Was anyone asking you to use a horse and cart to get back and
And another thing buckaroo, You worked at the U of M, you taught at the U of M, you set
up the Psych. Services Centre at the U of M with your own hand chosen followers. They
worshipped you like some crazy kind of God yet you write in your comment that : "It is
not plausible that I had an extensive influence on the clinical practice of people I had
never met within one year of finishing my residency, especially when I never published a
word on cults by that time.". Hell some of them still worship you though God only knows
why. Oh I forgot you don't believe in God anymore.
And another thing buddy boy, how stupid do you think we are anyway? "I didn't have that
published" doesn't mean that you weren't lecturing on it or giving interviews about it or
telling unwitting patients about it. "It wasn't published" therefore it didn't exist,
what the hell kind of illogical argument is that anyway?
And finally asshole, I want to let you know that calling George Bergen's wife an
alcoholic when everyone who knows her has never seen her take a drink is just
reprehensible. After attending your Psych. Services Centre at the U of M as a patient in
the care of a psych. student under your supervision she is now totally and permanently
disabled and her two sweet sons had to grow up without a mother.
Oh you just completely disgust me.
Comment by Douglas Mesner on February 18, 2010 at 6:01pm
Hello Dr. Ross -
You comment:"Your argument that geographically separated people could not have come up with the same story unless it was accurate is the same argument that therapists used in the late 80s/early 90s to 'validate' SRA." The difference being, of course, that we know how these geographically unrelated subjects came upon their "memories" of SRA. They were treated by therapists who felt they knew how to recognize the symptoms of SRA - therapists who drew out exactly the memories they were looking for. Therapists, I daresay, who derived much inspiration from your works. For the claims of Hart, Tyo, Hurt, and Bergen to have been fabricated would, it appears, be an actual case of independent manufacturings of a specific narrative. And here you take a dismissive tone regarding SRA claims of the 80s to early 90s, but curiously refuse to address the direct question of whether you find such claims at all credible.
Regarding JREF: I am not representative, but I have made them aware of your comments, and I suspect they'll comment soon. I will keep everybody posted. Thanks - doug
Comment by Colin Ross on February 18, 2010 at 5:37pm
Hi - responding briefly, yes, I am saying that I never met or treated George Bergen's sister-in-law.
Your argument that geographically separated people could not have come up with the same story unless it was accurate is the same argument that therapists used in the late 80s/early 90s to "validate" SRA. I have never given an estimate of the % of SRA memories that are accurate and decline to do so now for various reasons.
I don't see much chance of any rapprochement between us on SRA/MPD/DID.
Concerning my JREF challenge, I am willing to discuss it further but not clinical psychiatry matters.



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