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We take this time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s to bring up a very serious issue, or group of issues.  We hope that the questions we begin to ask will be answered with sincerity and your thoughts of solutions. We hope to pass this letter along to as many people as possible, so that United Under One can put together a platform to send to Washington, prior to the campaigning for the next presidential election.  It’s important that these issues be raised, its important to recognize the place of disputed beliefs in our society, and respect them.  It’s also important to hear our leadership questions, with suggested answers, rather than leaving it to their own faculties as they have fallen short for 200 years.  We hope that this effort is taken seriously, as now is the time for change, and not just in this country, but also all over the world.  These questions are in no specific order.  Please consider it a free flow of thoughtful information


1)   The topic of religion has become a serious issue now, more so than ever, as in the United States and in the rest of the world.  Religion is becoming a bigger topic of debate for high office.  You have to look no further than our Republican hopefuls who are looking to bring the Evangelicals and the Christian Right to the fore, with vigor greater than ever.  Their thoughts are not routed in logic or caring, they’re rooted in strong religious beliefs with the desire to take our freedoms at any cost.  It appears in the US, at this point, that the price of freedom IS freedom.  Our conclusion is just as desired by our founders.  We need a true separation of church and state, the dissolution of any tax benefits for religious organizations, and the removal of the federal government’s right to assess or approve a religion and its status.  People should be left to believe as they choose without judgment and discounts.  Any charitable contribution to a religious organization should not be a deduction on one’s tax return. 

2)   There are many problems in our government, for example the FDA, which controls the approval or release of drugs to the marketplace.  They develop committees to create criteria of approval to create new drugs, using members of the industry, not disinterested 3rd party scientists, to draw these protocols and approval systems.  As we have found through recent legislation, most new drugs are forced to present their contraindications, so we now know that if a woman chooses a birth control pill, or a man chooses to get an erection with the aid of a pharmaceutical, both risk death in the name of sex, or severe side effects.  There are many alternatives, but the FDA and the government refuse to accept the privileges of Eastern medicine, homeopathy, and herbal remedies, which create great problems in the further study of their benefits to the American public.  We should be demanding equal, dollar for dollar, funding, for alternative medical research and for medical reimbursements for alternate treatments, such as acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractics, NATE practitioners, herbs, and natural remedies. 

3)   Take religion out of our army, our school systems, and our politics.  There are still certain organizations that look at atheists as people who should stay in a closet.  It creates non-recognition in the military for burial purposes.  Many people feel non-disclosure for fear of losing their jobs.  There are some organizations, like the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of America, that in the past, they did not allow a child to join if you listed yourself as an atheist.  Look at the fights and challenges that Jason Torpy takes on everyday.  He fights faces in Washington, and he should be supported by everyone and not just by atheists.

4)   The occupation on Wall Street has its roots in showing our disgust of the way our financial institutions really work.  I think it’s important to understand the greed factor here, in order to clarify the rules that have to be changed.  Did you ever question why many Senators and Congressmen start their service as regular, or less than middle class Americans, and exit as millionaires?  We’ll be glad to answer that question for all of you.  Senators and Congressmen are not subject to the insider trading rules that most Americans are governed by, for example, Bernie Madoff and many others were sanctioned for insider trading and abuse of other people’s money.  Our Senators and Congressmen abuse our money every single day of the week.  Here’s how they do it, by example, if a new drug like Viagra is approved by the FDA, it must go through a Congressional Committee prior to release of the information, and during the approval process.  If the member of that committee knows it’s going to be approved, they call their brokers and buy the company stock for their own benefit.  Conversely, if the drug is not approved, they can short the company a few days prior to the announcement and again make a lot of money, as they tell their brokers at Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sacks, etc.  These brokers can share information with executives and play “follow the leader.”  It will cost the average person by destroying their life savings, their 401K and other pensions, but yet there’s been nothing in the papers that show the disparity and treatment, there’s been no movement to change this, and we wonder why there’s a financial crisis.  A law should be passed to not allow any Congressmen, Senators, or any employer of the federal government to invest in the stock market during their term in office and for a period of years after that.  If violated his should carry a minimum sentence of 10 years, and a return of the funds gained.  There should be a law that any bank with influence in the government that traded on inside information obtained through a community hearing should have their license revoked and retained for 5 years.  There should be return to Americans of all funds led to these institutions at a rate of a 1-time payment of $10,000 per citizen of this country. 

5)   Special treatment is given by the government to private business in order to secure the growth of those industries.  Both banks and insurance companies are given several different accounting privileges than normal business.  If banks were forced to deal with our tax structure, without the exemptions, most banks in America would be bankrupt.   In addition, many sports franchises are given monopolies.  These vary monopolies allow for the strong financial growth of individuals at the expense of the very people, the fans, that support these sports.  An average family of 4 can no longer go to a baseball game under $400, or a football for under $800.  In addition, we have to pay to see them on TV.  There are really 2 separate issues here.  First would be the financial institutions receiving special treatment, such as banks. These institutions should be forced to reduced interest rates on personal loans and business loans, and the insurance companies and oil companies should be forced to reduce their structure by 25%.  This will redistribute the wealth and create a more level playing field, rather than playing the dividend game for the wealthy.  The second phase looks at our Bill of Rights, and every citizen's right to property, all frequenting and air waiving over us licensing to business are a part of every citizens right to property.  We feel the FTC and the FCC should be disbanded and privatized.  We believe that the royalty fees received should pay for the operation of the company, and at least ½ of the royalties received be distributed to the citizens of the country in the form of an annual check, as we took a look at these numbers, it appears that every citizen would earn $30,000 which would eliminate the poverty issues in this country, at the expense of the corporate giants, using our rights to property to make greater returns than one would expense should be made while using other people’s assets, meaning that of each citizen.

6)   Healthcare: This country, through our emergency room setup and clinics provide a wonderful healthcare system to all of our citizens or not.  50 years ago, when Social Security was put in, the life expectancy was 55 years old, now its 78.  I applaud our doctors and our hospitals.  Again, we look at a system that seems to be unfair because people can’t afford to pay for services.  The system has removed the doctor-patient connection and replaced it with physician’s assistants and tiers of specials, all put in place to avoid terrible litigation.  It feels like OBGYN and some malpractice insurance, can represent 1/3 of the gross revenue in the practice, and the truth is, as patients, we’re paying that 1/3 to our healthcare systems.  We’re now splitting the profits with the doctors, creating more paperwork with fewer yields.  Its our belief that the classification of medical malpractice should be moved into a different category with a burden of proof that has to meet the test of independent professionals prior to being brought to the courts.  We believe that there should be categories of settlements that are predetermined and that the physicians and the hospital when appropriate share the areas of risk.  We believe there should be predetermined settlement numbers so that the entire country does not have to pay for the outrageous claims against one area and one individual.  Once the claim amount and reward exceed the allotted number, the victim could still maintain the right to sue the doctor or the responsible parties personally, having nothing to do with the insurance companies.  The money saved there would reduce premiums so that every American can afford to do it.  I am right now, on Medicare, and between my Medicare payments, the deductions they take from my Social Security for support payments, and my drug plan, I am now paying more money for medical coverage than when I had a single payer system.

7)   Human Rights: Every American born here and invited guest to our country should have exactly the same rights of freedom as one another.  The protection of our citizens and our country was paid for with the blood of American soldiers.  We have an obligation to our veterans, to our deceased veterans, to their families, and to all Americans.  There should not be a homeless or hungry person in this country.  We are not stating to be an isolationist nation, nor are we stating to reduce our compassion for human efforts, but what we are saying is Americans should come first.  So before we provide foreign aid, or food goes abroad to assist any country in need of food or medicine, all Americans have to have food and medical treatment first and foremost.  After that, foreign aid should go as our government deems appropriate for Americans.  We can pay for that by mandating that each community on a monthly basis report their indigent population, develop a budget of $3,000/month per family of 4 and make sure that money is appropriated to each community, prior to renewing any foreign aid

We are constantly talking about Americans debt and our unemployment rate.  We believe the government should go country to country, for those we owe money to, and offset it with the financial support, grants, medicines, and help that America has spent in the last 200 years to these countries.  Our debts are uncollected, yet we owe money to people who owe us money, does that make sense?  And just another point of clarity, we became a debtor nation when Nixon took us off the gold and silver standard.  If you look at your dollar bill, it says accounts receivable, so that your silver certificate was replaced by the promise of the federal government to make your dollar worth a dollar.  I don’t understand how that can be done, but we’ve been a debtor nation since that time. 

8)   Special Treatment: Look at Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, who were advised to purchase farms to assist in their tax right offs.  The government also pays farmers not to produce, and the government incentives businesses to create jobs, unfortunately most of them were created overseas.  There are tax loopholes in this country for every make and model, that exists.  We believe the farmers should produce, and export the food if we have abundance, and bring more revenue and jobs to America.  We also believe that there should be a flat tax, so all Americans are paying the same.  We believe that anybody earning over 10 million a year should be paying a luxury tax.  That amount is to be determined, but no more than 5%.  This additional cash flow will help keep the economy ahead of the game, as opposed to behind the game.  We believe that a new standard has to be developed to put a firm vacuum to our dollar, which is now backed by weapons, so if you’ve wondered why our weapons program must continue, its really there to support our dollar. 


We think the above is an excellent start to develop answering with more questions that could result in some form of reform in our country.  And the basis of reform, in many of the countries that are finding themselves in the throws of revolution in the name of democracy or freedom, which are not necessarily the same.  By getting comments back, and coming up with a final document in 6 months that we can present to Congress with names and signatures, could possibly make a difference in the world, and unite all the non-theist groups in one voice, and hopefully have the seeds planted with the theists to switch teams if possible, but if not at least recognize what freedom really means. Our strong desire to share leaves us with great expectations and beginning a movement for change.  The next move is yours.  We look forward to your thoughts. UUO

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Comment by matthew greenberg on November 29, 2011 at 10:47am

sure sounds like a good start.  i'm not 100% on board with some of your financial reforms, but it's better than what's currently being done. 



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