Now, some people might think my depiction of the prophet Mohammed is disrespectful, to which I say, "suck it". I don't care what muslims think, nor am I afraid of them - that's the message of this image. Why is he being crucified? I thought it appropriate. To me, it represents the persecution complex. Draw your own conclusions. It's really just a doodle.

I don't care if you are offended by a doodle and I don't care if you think I'm being insensitive to the moderate muslims. Moderate muslims can respect the fact that not everyone is a part of their religion and we are not bound by their rules. C'mon people - Climb down off that cross, use the wood to build a bridge and get over it! If I want to put up a fucking Prophet Mohammed for President billboard I'll fucking do it. I have this pic posted in a few places, so it should be super easy to find me and murder me for refusing to allow what I do and do not draw to be dictated by others superstitions. C'mon crazies! Bring it!

You know what's sad though? If someone is killed by some extremist over these images, the moderate/liberal muslims won't speak out against it. The pussies and the pansies, both muslim and those others who are just against draw mohammed day, will be hemming and hawwing over how the infidels brought that shit on themselves for offending a group of people's religious beliefs.

Jesus gets made fun of all the time. Judaism? Totally made fun of all the time. Some of the shit I see on TV and posted around the net making fun of the other abrahamic religions is waaaay more offensive than my little doodle. Nobody seems to care about that. I think it's insulting to muslims to say that we should refrain from drawing images of mohammed because it is too offensive while we rib other religions 10X as hard. It's like, "nobody say anything about Islam. Muslims have very delicate sensibilities and can't handle criticism or ridicule so we should all be super nice to them!" You know...or else some of them might try to murder us while the rest say nothing.


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Comment by Lorien on May 20, 2010 at 6:42pm
Waterboarding him would be a more appropriate image.



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