Earthquake politics: Where is the Christian/Republican outrage?

Posting this to my Facebook Page, where I actually do have a Conservative Christian friend or three:

"If moderate Muslims are so against what the extremists are doing, feel the extremists don't represent 'real Islam,' then where is their outrage? Why don't we hear from them? Why aren't they marching in the streets to protest the extremists and proclaim, 'They do not speak for us?'"

To which I ask: Where is the moderate Christian outrage over Pat Robertson's remarks on Haiti? Why aren't churches everywhere organizing protests to distance themselves from him? Where is the moderate Republican outrage over Rush Limbaugh, saying 'He doesn't speak for us?'

Here we have a natural disaster on par with the Indonesian Tsunami, with Hurricane Katrina, and Pat Robertson uses it to masturbate his sick fantasy of a people freeing themselves from oppression being a literal deal with the devil and a loving, merciful god who would punish the children for the 'sins' of the father 200 years after the fact.

He could even quote the bible if he wished. The bible is all in favor of slavery and has quite a few examples of punishing the child for the sins of the father. But don't the moderate Christians overlook that? Isn't that supposed to be the ancient history/historical context bit of the bible which we don't take literally anymore? Aren't we only supposed to follow the G-rated verses and the rest is God-didn't-really-mean-it?

So where are the throngs of moderate Christians taking up all of FOX News' and CNN's time with their organized denunciation of Robertson's bastardization of the faith? Where is Brit Hume now to tell us, "No, no, Christianity is all about love and forgiveness, not violent retribution because someone dared to say 'no' to slavery."

Same place they were after a Christian Terrorist gunned down a man in his own church last year? Because wherever that place is the rest of us aren't seeing it for the continued flood of outrage at all of Islam, as if there is no distinction between violent extremist Islam and moderate Islam.

Rush Limbaugh, with a few loyal media outlets nodding in agreement, is stating that the White House giving aid to Haiti is simply a publicity ploy.

Seriously? Because Obama's only other option is to NOT give aid. Let's imagine for a moment that Obama doesn't send aid and imagine American Conservatives everywhere giving him an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Michael "Honest Injun" Steele gives us a week's worth of outrage over Harry Reid's profound stupidity in using the phrase "negro dialect." But not a peep about Rush Limbaugh, the shepherd of a large segment, if not the majority, of Republican voters, stating that Obama is only giving aid to Haiti to pander to black voters - light skinned AND dark skinned. Parading a conspiracy theory of "You can only donate via and don't do that because none of the money will actually go to Haiti - it will only bring the DNC knocking on your door for campaign contributions."

Taking a human tragedy to promote racism and Obama-paranoia conspiracy theories. Where are the GOP senators lining up to say loud and proud, "Rush Limbaugh is a jerk and doesn't speak for us?" Where are the Tea Partiers proving to the rest of us that they aren't racist by distancing themselves from the racists?

Where are those Republican voters who for eight years told us that it's unhelpful and unpatriotic to criticize the president? To march outside whichever level of Hell Limbaugh's radio show broadcasts from with protest signs saying "It's unAmerican to criticize the president?"

Christian Republicans who prayed to your god to elect the right person: Obama is the one in office. Where is your faith in your God to know what he's doing? Where are the outcries to Robertson and Rush that this is a time to be a human being, not entertain your twisted fantasies of retribution and the-blacks-are-out-to-get-us?

I see the occasional Facebook post, the occasional comment from a Christian/Republican on a news story brave enough to say Robertson/Limbaugh is a jerk. But where are the mass petitions, "We are Christian/Republican and we're not going to let guys like these speak for us anymore?" Where are the Republican/uber-Christian elected officials speaking out from their podiums?

Because the silence is deafening and speaks volumes as to where these larger groups really, collectively stand.

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Comment by Jo Jerome on April 24, 2010 at 5:52pm
At the moment, Muslims are indeed hogging the using-religion-for-violence. Historically, Christians have had more than their fair share of the spotlight as well.

And too many Christians today feel they have zero blood on their hands, that they aren't just second fiddle to Islam but nothing at all like it.

Hence, when I hear the Christian pot calling the Muslim kettle black, I feel a burning need to call them out on it.
Comment by Prog Rock Girl on April 22, 2010 at 9:57pm
Right, because if there's one thing atheists neglect to talk about, it's Christians! I've seen much more of Christians speaking out against the Westboro Baptist Church than I have of Muslims condemning terrorism. We don't need a "but Christianity is just as bad" disclaimer every time we talk about Muslims.
Comment by Jo Jerome on January 16, 2010 at 8:25pm
Jim McCann - Makes sense to me.

Glen Watson - Where was the Catholic outrage then? Where is the Christian outrage now? I ask all these questions in my post, though I have my own theory as to the answer.

They quietly, deep down, at the bottom of their religion, agree with him. Or at least don't disagree enough to speak out.

One such FB friend did come up with about half a dozen names of Right Wing talking heads I've never heard of who've denounced Rush at one time or another. Fabulous. I want to hear it from Steele, Palin, McConnel, McCain. I want to see it on a Tea Partier sign. That's where the silence is most deafening. And in this case, akin to agreeing with him.
Comment by Jim DePaulo on January 16, 2010 at 6:00pm
I agree. One of the few sentiments in the bible that actually speaks to humanity. Even though the same sentiment is found in many culures and religions - where it's also universally ignored.



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