"Atheists, including those who brought us the Enlightenment, have often been a beneficial force in the history of human thought and religion. They have forced societies to examine empty religious platitudes and hollow religious concepts. They have courageously challenged the moral hypocrisy of religious institutions.
Religious believers of the world, you are free to continue to debate the simple, narrow question that divides you from atheists, but you have no right, in so doing, to treat the Humanists of the world with contempt. You owe them a deep debt of gratitude, for not only have we shed much light on a naturally dark world but we have very probably helped civilize your own specific religion."

-Tracy Smith/Freethought MC

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Comment by Reason Being on April 8, 2012 at 10:45am

Great Post Tracy!  I could not agree with you more.  I find it maddening when the religious claim the only source for morality, or in this case "humanist values" if I may be so bold is through a deity.  Statements like that show nothing but an ignorance of the Enlightenment, as you point out. 

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