BBC reports that "Scores of schoolgirls in the Afghan province of Kunduz have fallen ill over the past week..."

It is always the weak and the defenseless who end up shouldering the biggest burden of war. Demolition of schools and education centers and systematic eradication of teachers, academics and other professionals of liberal education has been a trait of the Islamic movements in Afghanistan. While Taliban can not be blamed, not yet, for this particular case, nonetheless; the activity of the Taliban/ Islamist insurgency has been directly proportional to the destruction of infrastructure, mainly schools, in the areas. This has been more prevalent in Taliban controlled areas in northern Pakistan, areas in Southern and Eastern Afghanistan don't lag far behind with numerous cases of schools being torched and teachers being targeted and murdered. What is worth noting is that in the overwhelming number of such incidents it is the education of Afghanistan's 80% illiterate female population that suffers.

During the conflicts in the 70s, 80s and early 90s, the situation was hardly different when yesterday's Islamists and today's defenders of Afghan democracy, that is the Mujahideen and the Northern Alliance, would torch schools, scare and force parents away from schools, kidnap and execute teachers and academics under the pretense that the Communist PDPA was spreading secularism and threatening the existence of Islam.

Another parallel system of "education" that has successfully flourished over the last few decades is the exponential growth in the number of madrassas from localized few to tens of thousands, initially under the guidance of ISI/America/Saudi jihad and then the holy alliance of the Taliban/AlQaeda tag team. Again, most madrassas are boys only and their output has led us to where Afghanistan stands today. It is a fact that these madrassas have produced a generation of fundamentalist, militant and exceptionally stupid Islamists and no one relevant ever talks about or acts to close them once and for all.

Bravo, misogynist scum of the world. Bravo!


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