I am very happy to report that Edwin Kagin, National Legal Director at the American Atheist Association has written a strong endorsement for my book. Here is his quote:

"I have found The God Virus to be a most readable and important piece of work. I can happily recommend it to potential readers, particularly to those who are not overly burdened with too much formal education in the arcane aspects of theology and philosophy. Your book is, to me at least, an everyman’s explanation of the issues. It should be welcomed by the educated person who wants good factual and logically solid reasons that can be used in discussion, as well as in argument, without calling down the curse of academic boredom and in helping in the building of a personal unified Atheistic view of the world.
Your book is a convenient handbook on how real life Atheists can stay sane while others are freaking out with religious madness and blaming it on those that challenge the true believer’s faith based system.
You are most welcome to publicize my endorsement."

Edwin Kagin, National Legal Director
American Atheists, Inc.

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