First, let met start this post by sending my thoughts and condolences to those whose lives have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.


Now, let's get to the actual post.  If you're anything like me, I'm so sorry.  Also, you might be getting a little ticked off about the election.  Ticked off enough to bother others with this stupid blog post.  It's almost like it's not an election anymore, it's the Hunger Games without the death matches (ironically, if there's any aspect of the Hunger Games I'd like to incorporate into the electoral process, it would be the death matches).

I have attributed my getting pissed off about the elections to one of two reasons.  Either we now have an extremely watered down version of the democracy our Founding Fathers set in place with the Super PACs, the attack ads, and the Electoral College only making few states actual;ly count in a national election, or I'm at that age where I'm smart enough to pay attention but still naive enough to actually give a shit.

Elections make me wonder how people decide who to vote for when they're given so little information.  Most campaign ads simply attack one candidate and recall in great detail that candidate's more questionable stances.  Of those that aren't simply attack ads, most of them say that a candidate will do something, yet they offer no insight into how they will accomplish this.  The only ad I've seen that doesn't simply attack any candidate and offers insight into how candidate would keep their campaign promises is an ad for Barack Obama.  It was approved by Barack bama and I had been so fed up with attack ads so far that I actually wrote the president to thank him for airing an ad that actually had substance.

What little information we do actually glean from these "ads" is further distorted by the creation of Super PACs, who will air ads that further distort the truth.  Yet persuading voters all across the country is virtually useless when the Electoral College only makes a few states in the union count during an election.

It makes me glad that our Founding Fathers aren't alive to see this all.  If they were, they'd tell everyone they met that they were Canadian.

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