Email: So, what if you're wrong about Hell, Alleee? (long response; get ready)

On Apr 7, 2009 7:27am, helen/zhebee wrote:
> Hello again
> I hope for your sake that you are right about hell
> but what if you are not right ......then what?
> Helen

If I am "not right" about hell?

Well, there are literally billions of possibilities that are very different or slightly different than my idea that there is no place where God designated for people who Don't Love Him to be tortured.

However, if it comes to that One Remotest of Possibilities, I would have to conclude that there is a God, and He is the worst possible being to have ever existed. I would have to conclude that some people worship this horrible monster, knowing that It made a rule that when people don't love It, that they would be forced to roil in non-consuming flames for eternity, which is just as far from 100,000 billion years as one year is.

I'd have a couple choices as a moral human being.

1. Drop to my knees and worship this monster, because of the threat.
2. Fight, no matter how useless that fight would be.

Those who drop to their knees and worship would be justified, since it's not really a moral choice anyway. If someone has a loaded gun pulled on you, whatever you do is not your fault anymore. It's self-defense, pure and simple. But it's the cruelest thing any being could do, save for, I guess, threatening to torture one's children forever.

Those who fight are those who have nothing left to lose against such a horrible, alien being. But hey, at least they retained their dignity at the last moment before the eternal torture commences. Those in heaven get to live for eternity thinking that the ones being tortured forever, perhaps family members, people they loved more than their own lives, "deserved it."

I cannot help but wonder what kind of terrible "heaven" it would be, knowing one was chosen by this bloodthirsty monster, and knowing that one's beloveds are screaming in pain. Some I've talked to told me they would be allowed to watch while people like me were screaming and crying for water, or relief from their wounds. What kind of person thinks this, Helen. Would he be a good christian, in your judgment? Would he deserve the kind of heaven you imagine?

Thing is, Helen, most people deny God's omnipotence at this point and pretend that He has no power to stop this horror from happening; that somehow it's Not His Fault, His Hands are Tied. What kind of God is that? He made Hell, according to the bible, and of course, being God who created EVERYTHING, created the rule (terrible threat) that everyone who does not love him must go there. So, really, if He denies any responsibility, he's more immoral than I thought before.

Some try to mitigate this Horror by pretending that Hell is "only" eternal separation from God. I ask, is this okay? "no!" I ask, "is it tolerable?" "NO!" I ask, "Is it the worst thing to ever happen to someone?" They say "YES!"

So, then, how is this not torture? It's worse than what the Vietkong did to people, right? Of course right, because it's the worse punishment imaginable, this Twilight-Zone-type hell.

So, Helen, if I am "wrong about Hell," you might very well be a terrible person for worshiping your God. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here and assume you're a good person who just never really thought about the implications of a God who allows eternal torment. But now that you've read this, I hope you think about it the next time you point your finger at someone like me and assume that I deserve this kind of torture. After all, if I deserve it "after I'm dead," then it logically follows that they might as well put me in a torture camp right now, for being an unbeliever.

Is that really the kind of person you are, Helen?

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Comment by Rich Goss on April 7, 2009 at 1:38pm
There's a line in Mirror Reversal about this: "I know an All-Good God could never send me to hell for refusing to abandon reason."
Comment by Talibangelist on April 7, 2009 at 12:25pm
Yeah I was gonna mention the whole "if that sends me to hell what about the other 10k some odd gods I have to appease too," but got tripped up on my hell with dildos thought.
Comment by Richard Healy on April 7, 2009 at 11:38am
Take them to task for the having the intellectual depth of a teaspoon to suggest that Pascal's wager would convince anyone.

(more detail available upon request)

But good rebuttal.
Comment by Talibangelist on April 7, 2009 at 11:19am
Good rebut but still it is probably futile. I forget who made the comparison but trying to justify this shit to a christian is like trying to teach algebra to your dog. They will look at you as they grasp it but when it comes time to test them you just get stared at in the same way that you got when you were teaching it in the first place.

I kinda think the biblical hell isn't nearly bad enough to be considered hell. Yeah burning would suck, but burning and getting raped with a barbed wire wrapped dildo always trumps that in my eyes. I should put out my own translation and only change the hell part to read,"and oh yeah, if the burning isn't bad enough then we'll rape you with a barbed wire wrapped dildo too," so I could become independently wealthy. Tough economic times call for creativity!



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