when i look around my town someday's it feels like i do not belong here the air feels heavy, the sounds far to distant a siren can be heard just not to close. i want wings to fly away like i did when i was young  that wishful thinking that part of who you where as a kid i want it back so badly someday's and i know that there is this part of me that can understand this like a loveing parent the grown up aspect of my self will proverbially sit down with my inner child and listen to all her hopes and dreams how she wants to have supper powers and a pet zombie(i was a odd child what can i say) then the adult side of me will go and speak so lovingly to my inner child  you can have these things still  just in books, movies and the realms of your  own imagination and so my inner child will nod happy with the news and move on to do just that to seek out books about zombies, to watch moives about superheros that is what i value so much about the mind the imagination. yes i know i will never fly like a bird or be able to shoot laser beams out of my eye sockets but i also know that my mind will always guide me to things that will inspire that inner wonder that i had as a child. so it is important to check in every now and then  with your playfulness with   your child like sense of wonder. go swing on a swing eat your favored ice cream hell even wach  a movie you remembered  falling in love with as a kid. we so often forget in our busy lives the power of innocence and how much it can heal us inspire us and see us  through the crappy parts of life. so keep these words in mind and use them to get back in touch with that part of you who loves giant robots or talking animals who break in to song trust me your inner child will thank you for stopping in and saying hi

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