Emma the Amish Girl and the practice of Rumspringa

Records search for Google trends today was topped by "Emma the Amish girl" who is presently working as a model. She was a guest on the Howard Stern show discussing about the Amish lifestyle. However with her outfit that knight (definitely revealing) I really doubt it then again.

The Amish community has this practice called the Rumspringa where an Amish youth, at the age of 16, is given a chance to enjoy the outside world from clothing to food to even vices. A documentary film called the "Devil's Playground" by Lucy walker, features Amish youths who are presently taking the said ritual and those who have already shun themselves after it deciding to not have a baptismal on the Amish church.

One of the said youth, Faron, has presently added to a list of Amish with criminal history as he became a drug dealer after his exposure outside the Amish community. However with youths who have shun from the sect, background check shows an amazing 90 percent who has returned to the sect to be baptized. This is by far the largest percentage of youths who have returned knowing how tempting things and lifestyles are nowadays.

Rumspringa is the time where an Amish youth is released to learn how to fight these temptations. Honestly there are many issues questioned by the film maker as why should this be needed if in the end there are those who will leave the sect?

There’s this big question as to whether the said Amish model (Emma) is indeed Amish. Then again she might be one of those who decided to separate from the sect. In the case that she still is Amish I must admit that her sexy photos and her way of dressing up on shows are sure to be a big disappointment not only from her community but also from her parents. This may definitely show up in her employment verification as article question if she really is an "Amish gone wild".

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