I just sent this to Kristy..but I thought I'd add it here:

I have been joining all the forums etc mainly to throw in my support in terms of the numbers these groups represent. During my life I always expected that secular reasoning had won and we would move slowly but surely to an enlightened society. It has been a great shock over the last decade to see that I was wrong and that a new battle needs to be waged. I never thought "atheism" per se was a subject worth discussing except in reference to religious transgressions of rational thought and action (which are now many!).

It saddens me that it is now necessary to argue for rational thought against those who believe that their unfounded beliefs on scientific and evidence-based issues should be treated equally to those of scientists and researchers who have spent their lives studying those issues. Finding a balance between the "cult of the expert" and the "cult of the individual" looks like it will be harder than expected.

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