This week, CNN reported there’s a new improved, more potent variety of grass out there, as if it were a new strain of the swine flu. The anchor said the new high-concentrated THC reefer results in paranoia and irritability.

Irritability, bull. Some biologists define “alive” as being irritable, able to respond to a stimulus. The word means literally “capable of being excited or disturbed.” Of course, a head (mj smoker) is going to become irritable if immersed in thought. Anyone can become irritable, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

But it’s paranoia that is totally bull. On grass one doesn’t become naturally paranoid, but rather naranoid—the exact opposite condition. THC isn’t at fault; society is to blame. Smoking grass is a crime, what does CNN expect?

Suppose grass were legal, then there would be no reason to feel paranoid. If everybody got high, people would feel a natural trust and love of fellow voyagers through space on the cruise ship Earth. We all share the same sad fate: nonexistence. So let’s enjoy every second of this life while we’re here—and being good to one another makes it a lot easier and a lot more fun.

Naranoids think everybody is out to do them good. Naranoids walk into a bar and expect everyone to buy them a drink. Naranoids hear real voices and think they’re hallucinating. Naranoids buy lottery tickets and believe loses go to help Education.

Picture a naranoid world instead of paranoid. If naranoids spot a hitchhiker on the highway, “What a rush.” We can help out somebody, save petrol, and maybe make a new friend that we’ll get to like. Maybe, the hitchhiker will pass on the good deed. There has to be something wrong with a society when we can’t pick up a kid hitchhiking. Why are people so alienated from one another?

Try this: select a random channel on the TV and see how long it takes for some violent act. Not just yelling, scolding and bullying—but killing one another with guns, knives and any menacing weapon you can think of. The average time is two minutes.

As citizens of a great country, we shouldn’t have to fear one another. Something is wrong and it ain’t grass. The powers that be have managed to turn us against one another, so badly that we can’t pick up a hitchhiker.

“Gnuck, Gnuck,” as Abbie used to say, enough paranoia.” Bring on naranoia.

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Comment by Rich Goss on May 21, 2009 at 9:19am
Cool. You must be proud of being barred from entering the U.S. When you die and go to Judgement, you can tell Peter, Look man, I can't be all bad, I'm barred from entering the United States.

Here's a fun video I just got into. Marc Maron, great stuff. Tell this to your boss when he calls for a drug test.
Comment by Mac Rex on May 21, 2009 at 8:34am
Being the son of an immigrant, I have relatives on 3 continents, and 4 countries. Unfortunately I'm not allowed into the US any more, so I can't go and see one of my brothers, who lives with his wife in Palm Springs, CA, or my niece and her husband and kids, in Denver, CO. It's not because of a criminal record, but rather because of being photographed at several demonstrations in front of the US embassy in Managua, Nicaragua, during the Reagan/Bush sr's dirty little war there in the 1980's. My oldest sister, and her husband, both of who are retired computer geeks (they made very good investments, and were able to retire a couple of years ago) are touring the US and Canada in their motorhome for the next year. If I had the money, I would be touring archaeology sites around the world (I have always wanted to smoke one at Machu Pichu, on the great wall of China, etc.), and shoot nature with my camera. What I wouldn't do is go to fancy tourist spot, as I like being around regular working people so that I can understand there lives better. I would love to visit Florida for the flora and fauna (and weather. Alberta is bloody cold!), and many of the places I haven't seen in the US, but I'm not likely to leave Canada again as my machining hobby takes all my spare cash.
Comment by Rich Goss on May 20, 2009 at 11:26pm
Mac, A naranoid thinks his vote for president might be the one that determines the winner. In a club he thinks all the girls are dying to dance with him, but they're too shy.

I can go on and on with this.

You've really been around. Good for you. I don't travel very much, but I live in a resort town that everybody wants to come to on vacation. So it's like being on vacation all the time. Sarasota, Florida.

Keep me posted,
Comment by Mac Rex on May 19, 2009 at 10:15pm
While I believe that the grass = paranoia this exists in all countries where it's Prohibition exists, I think that the level of paranoia depends more on the level of enforcement and propaganda against it. Of course, there is also the many different types of people who smoke and their personality. If one is raised in a very straight laced, law abiding family, your consumption of pot will cause feeling of guilt. On the other hand, if you have been raised in a family that, because of experiences, tends to rebel against authority, then the paranoia of arrest and/or family/friend's disapproval is decreased. Remove the laws, and the paranoia and the rebelliousness vanish.
Ya, bloody right! ARF ARF ARF!
Oh and by the way, if I have the room in the vehicle I'm driving, and the ability to stop safely (semi's with heavy loads are not simple to pull over and stop on most of the roads I dive), I always pick up hitchhikers. Mind you, most of the reason behind my picking up hitchhikers comes from having thumbed my way all over western Canada, northern and western US, England, France, Switzerland, Italy and Nicaragua. I'm always happy to help a fellow traveller, and the only problems I've ever had were from some types of drivers and their passengers.



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