When I was a kid, I loved Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. I mean I REALLY loved it. I loved it so much that, in one episode, when a man in a music shop snapped at Mr. Rogers, I got about as mad and upset as I've ever been in my life. As an adult, I've come to see how much Mr. Rogers influenced me and other children, and what an amazing person he was.

Now, I work with kids, planning activities and doing programs with children of all ages. Sometimes, when planning a program, I feel kind of hokey and lame. This really came up when I wanted to do a "Feelings" program, but felt weird about it. Are these kids going to respond to a program about feelings? Then, I remembered how often Mr. Rogers talked about feelings... everyday! And, I remembered how much it meant to me as a child. Being able to pin down the way I felt and talk about it with others made a huge difference in my life.

So I decided to go ahead with the whole "Feelings" theme.

Here's the activity I came up with:

Each kid gets one of these blank dudes, which I drew and copied onto cardstock.

Then they get four different mouths to decorate. They all attach with velcro, so they can be changed throughout the day or as often as you like!

I was actually really pleased with the results!

I've been considering adding some of the arts and crafts that I do with kids as a resource to parents and other people who work with youngins. So... I guess this is the beginning of that.

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