Some random thoughts. Would it be too much to encourage the Muslim world
to burn a few bibles just to even the score over the Quran burning in
Florida? It might help settle this whole thing down. Maybe in the
spirit of Jonathan Swifts' "A Modest Proposal," a mass Bible and Quran
burning next to the Washington Monument, might bring us all together.
On second thought, if every Bible and Quran in the world were burned
this week, it would probably totally tip the scales on global warming
and we would end up in one incredibly hot place - and it wouldn't be

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Comment by Pak Nagasing on September 9, 2010 at 7:01pm
Funny. I had that same thinking and after all, these are just irrelevant, incompatible ancient writings to begin with. Nonsense. What's big deal? Let's us pay more attention to the issue of separation of Church and State.,etc. How many more Terry Jones are in the congress?



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