A bus load of Christian gay people ... yes I said Christian gay people ... tour the country protesting at Christian colleges that discriminate against their gay students.

I just watched this movie and some parts of it were heartrendingly moving. It's really hard for me to watch things about cruelty to gay people. (To any people really but with this it's personal.) I started watching it with disgust for gay Christians. I mean seriously, people. Read the bible much? There is one scene in which a girl has a "biblical conversations" booth to argue that Jesus loves the gays. It was headdesk.

But I never realized that the Christian colleges much like the ones I went to actually have people in them who know they are gay and feel unsafe and terribly hated. I assumed that it would be a rare thing because it seems obvious to me that if you are gay, well, don't go to that college. Just don't. Even if it means the end of your education. Apparently some people don't see it that way and they keep going. When I attended two Christian Colleges (both very briefly, I was a lost child) I didn't know yet that I was gay. I still thought I was just really weird. I didn't have the disgust and hatred for gay people that I was taught to have. I just couldn't accept that kind of attitude towards other human beings. These people protested at both of the schools I attending but not while I was there.

At the end of the movie they protest for all of the Mormons that have killed themselves because they are gay and hated by their families and communities. One guy said his mother told him she would rather he be dead than to live a gay life and that made him think that maybe he should be dead. There was the story of a man who shot himself on the church steps and the family practically was glad of it. These people seem to send the message to their children that if you are gay then the right thing to do is to kill yourself. The protesters actually succeeded in some college rules being tweaked a little (barely) to be more gay-friendly. They at least raised awareness. They got people talking about it and people speaking up as allies.

So they're gay Christians ... I think I like them anyway. We're pretty much stuck with religion, (not that we shouldn't make efforts) and I think reform from the inside is a pretty nice first step.

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