Among so many other things, there's one thing I'm not very good at: writing. But I read a lot and appreciate good writing. (It's the same with art and music.)

I enjoy reading about famous and less-than-famous people, mostly from the the past: for example, Houdini, Zambrini, Ripley (Believe it or Not), and recently, Ernie Pyle. 

Pyle was a native Hoosier (Dana, IN), about 60 miles from where I live. He became famous as a war correspondant (WW II), eventually getting killed by a sniper's bullet.

His life's story is interesting, but his writing talent is what was so impressive--simple, but deep and inspirational. He was a very humble man, surprised by acolades and praise. He was also a closet atheist. 

From one of his articles he said "We have won this war because our men are brave, and because of many other things--the passage of time, and the gift of nature's materials. We did not win it because destiny created us better than all other peoples. I hope that in victory we are more grateful than we are proud. I hope we can rejoice in victory--but humbly. The dead men would not want us to gloat."

I plan to make a trip to the Ernie Pyle Museum in tiny Dana Indiana in the near future. People like that should not be forgotten.

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