Escape from the ORDER!

 By Steve Nelson is a fictional look into a very real possible future. The characters are fictional but the FACTS are REAL!

  Two friends are born in a Government Training Facility & learn all that the New Order wants them to learn. They are seperated at an early age to go about their life occupations & later are reunited for the final fight for Freedom!

 "I think Escape from the ORDER! Is a really wonderful story. It educates and entertains all in one. I hope a lot of people get a copy and share it with friends!" Steve Nelson

  If you ever enjoyed 'Soylent Green' or 'THX1138' You'll love 'Escape from the ORDER!'

  'Escape' is spiral bound & self published with exciting pictures. It is suitable for young adults and up. Order your copy today at just $19.95 from: Steve Nelson~ 464 East 1750 North~  North Ogden, Utah 84414

***Also look up Steve Nelson of Ogden, Utah on FACEBOOK for pictures and story outlines.

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